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Pinkie Pie walking

By DeathPwny
Some of my sprites for Desktop Ponies.

Edit: sprite edited to look less aweful :) (face and cutie mark fixed)
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So how do u get them to move?
Is there anything on ur DA page?
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Using ^^ and I'll Give Credit 
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It's not pretty, but I did a silly 15 second video on youtube using your animation.  Made sure to credit you in the about section.  (Videos like this happen when people like me are up all night with no sleep... *sigh* lol)…
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Thanks for sharing :iconcutepinkiepieplz:
This gif is so cute. ♥ I turned it into a cursor for my own use, it looks soooo good. Thank you. 
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Glad you like it :iconpinkietongueplz:
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Hiya! Its me Pinkie! I just wanted to kno if i could use this under my ID On dA and the rest of ur Pinkie Pie icons!
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Sure, they're all free to use for non-profit projects if you credit :iconpinkiewinkplz:
Pinkiepielovee's avatar
Oki doki loki i already did!!
TheMusicBrony's avatar
I am Making a 8-bit styled game, And i would like you use your Animations :D
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Sure, they're free to use as long as you credit and use it for non-profit projects. Can you send me a link once you're done?
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Ok :D
Of course I will give credit :D
And sure! I will send the link when I am done.
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Can I Use as an con? :)
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Sure, all my animations are free to use as long as you credit
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my pinkie trots mostly not walks?
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Yeah, there are two trot animations and both have a higher percentage than the walk. You could change it in the Pony.ini if you want her to walk more often
deer-antler's avatar
did not know that thanks for the info.....vinyl scratch wont get off the add comment button wait............ok there
Drawing-Stars-02's avatar
This would be the walking sprite for Pinkie for the MLP FiM game :D
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