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Pinkie Pie eating WIP

By DeathPwny
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Some of my sprites for Desktop Ponies
still WIP
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nice, but there's a problem. the cupcake enters her throat, not her mouth!
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It's a work in progress :iconhappyshrugplz:
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oh. i knew that
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I remember that scene.:aww: You've recreated it perfectly.
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Thanks, this is an older version though. [link]
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I've quite enjoyed this Desktop Pony program. You've done an excellent job on all of these sprites.

I've tried making my own, but for some reason it keeps skipping frames...
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What do you mean by skipping frames? Can you show me?
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Let's say you have an animation that consists of four frames in a particular repeating order: 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4...

That's how it should be.

Instead, it seems to do it only as 1-3-1-3-1-3-1-3...

For all of the ponies that came with the program, it works normally. Plus, it used to work normally for my custom animations too. Then it started skipping. I cannot discern the reason why.
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Can you upload it to your scrapbook or somewhere else so I could take a look?
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Hmm, well I've already got the animation that I used in my gallery.

I didn't use a pony, but I figured an animation of anything should work: [link]
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Hmm, it works just fine for me, plays all 8 frames just fine
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It did that at first for me too. When I started adding other animations, it reached a point where it went weird. It's okay if you can't help. Just thought I'd bring it up.
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Maybe it's just browser lag? You got one that's wierd?
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u should do some of pinkie playing the trumbone! and you know all the other instruments she plays. lol
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All th others have been done by ~monkeyjay though they're not on his dA page. But it's included in desktop ponies.
Hmm trumbone I might do someday
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