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Pink Pony with Ponytail

with two actually
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Looks like that candy cane took a beating after breaking the fourth wall, eh?
Winged-Stone's avatar
Finally, a way to keep that crazy mane in check!
High winds and a strong rubber band.
DeathPwny's avatar
Just a matter of willpower :p
MegaRainbowDash's avatar
Her hair looks sooo cute, i always have mine like that in summer XD awesome!
DeathPwny's avatar
Thanks! Ponytails FTW
aloynna's avatar
pinkie is my favorite! she is so cuteClapping Pony Icon - Pinkie Pie 
Sketchesbyme's avatar
I just LOVE the hair!
She really is cute& beautiful
DeathPwny's avatar
Thank you very much :iconpinkiebrilliantplz:
TheAntsaBoy94's avatar
Really weirdly fitting. That`s the first term that came to my mind. Also, I can only imagine how crazy she looks without those sunglasses!
howdyx's avatar
A good hairstyle :)
Acacia-Rabbit-Desert's avatar
MASF123's avatar
Haha She looks so funny! XD
DeathPwny's avatar
You mean beautiful, right? :iconcrystalrarityplz:
unassuminguser's avatar
You draw an awful lot of awesome ponies. I think I shall watch you now :iconpoobrainhorseplz:
DeathPwny's avatar
Yay. Pink ponies mostly but that's what you said :p :iconheropinkieplz:
ArcCahlon's avatar
I wonder do pony's call em pony tails or do they call em like human tails?
DeathPwny's avatar
Hmm, I think they're called like that, cause they look like the tail of a pony, so I doubt it looks like the tail of a human :iconhappyshrugplz:
EverlastingJoy's avatar

I like the choice of vehicle you gave her, very Pinkie Pie.
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