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Lots of Work

It's not all that easy the brighten up the day for all the ponies as it might seem. But it's worth the effort

Download will be available after GalaCon
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Geez, that's one bushy tail.
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Ponyville: when the citizens are all happy when there's no danger in sight. =3

This is absolutely gorgeous. :3
Makenshi179's avatar
Oh my gosh, this is so amazing!! LOVE this SO much!! Pinkie might be my favorite pony and I really love that side of her a lot, so much depth. Wow... this art is not only gorgeous, but the idea behind it, the scene, is wonderful too. Thank you so much for making this ^_^
gamer-of-games's avatar
You know those times when there´s a TON of pics and drawings on Tumblr which you just glance at for like a sec and then keep scrolling? This is an exception considering this is one of those rare drawings in which made me stop scrolling, look at it for a sec, analize and try to imagine whats happening for a few 5 mins, and finally say to myself "Wow this is a really good drawing! Ima complement the artist!"

So yeah, amazing Job on this one! I´ll keep a look out on future drawings from you!
DeathPwny's avatar
Thank you very much for making the effort and leaving such a detailed a message :iconbrilliantpinkieplz:
258293's avatar
"life's a Happy song when there's some one by your side to sing-a-long"Jake Gasp 
An it dandy:happybounce: Handshake !!!!
DeathPwny's avatar
Especially if pink pone sings :iconheropinkieplz:
FinalAspex's avatar
I think this is my favorite of yours..
DeathPwny's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad you like it :iconexcitedpinkieplz:
ProfDickinson's avatar
I bought this one on Galacon :3
DeathPwny's avatar
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Aw!!! Poor Pinkie... she must be really exhausted after brightening up everypony from Ponyville... :love: :love: :love:
DeathPwny's avatar
It's exhausting but worth it ;)
AnlenaRarity's avatar
Yep she is a Hero !
CorynAsur's avatar
That tail. So... Fluffy... :iconadorableplz:
AnlenaRarity's avatar
The hell that kid is humping the Fluffy pony ? 
TheBronyArtist13's avatar
all the pictures i see that i have been outdrawn, this is the most epic picture ive seen. good job. I realy need to start posting more pics like this.

DeathPwny's avatar
Thanks a lot! I'm glad you're inspired :iconpinkiepiesmileplz:
TheBronyArtist13's avatar
How long does it usualy take to make pictures like this, and also, what program do you use?
Iris-Benge's avatar
please draw me art
DeathPwny's avatar
Sorry, I only do requests for special occasions or charity projects :iconhappyshrugplz:
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