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Le Grand Ember

Finally Done! All Glory to the Dragon Lord! Or is it Dragon Lady? Not sure what gender Crackle is. Come on, we all know who the real leader is.


On another note, would you be interested in my tutorials.
I made my first (and flawed) one shortly before the deadline for a challenge about several methods that you can learn and combine in order to create your own unique ring for 3D printing. The 3D modeling software I use is Blender which is free to download and use.
If you're interested, please consider enrolling in the free class and let me know if you're interested in me going into more details or other topics. If you like the idea of Skillshare, you can try out three months premium access for 0,99$ with the link
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I love this so much lol :icondragonwant:
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Would it be okay for me to use this as the cover art for a short E-rated fic about Ember, as long as I credit you and link back to here?
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It looks so amazing! Now I need to find some space where i can put it on my wall :)
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Wow! Which programm you use? This is just like a photo!!!
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Ember: This is my trustee steed, CRACKLE!

YesImDeadpool's avatar
So that's what Crackle is for. XD
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I swear the best part about this is the concept, having Ember paired with Crackle. Going with the parody is icing on this cake.

Excellent job on the lighting and shading. The shadows over Ember's face is a great eye for detail on your part.
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At last Garble finds his true calling.  LOL!
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Awesome work
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Love it! Lol
Great work :)
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Reminds me the picture of Napoleon. :)
karkovice1's avatar
What colour is Napoleon's green horse? =P
Pony4Koma's avatar
So... was that painted the day the invasion of Equestria began?

"Across the Celestial Sea, to the pony lands." - Dragon Lord Ember. 
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This is perfect.
*trips up Crackle*
Eli-J-Brony's avatar
Huh, a dragon riding on the back of another dragon. Brilliant!
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Glorious, absolutely glorious.
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Instead of Russia, she's pointing to the griffon empire XD
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