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Flutters with Birdies

Originally a little misleading pictures [link]
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Faved because chickadees (as we call them west of the Atlantic) are among my favorite bird families.
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Cute drawing, good job =)
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She's got nice tits, clearly.

Great Tit 
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I'm just saying. She's got nice Tits. Those Tits are nice birds, y'know? Tits are my favourite type of bird. They really are some Great Tits.
VOIDTails's avatar
Yeah, lol. "Great Tit" really is what they're called. :P
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Ooooh, chickadees! :D Marvellous! So many wonders in this artwork ^.^
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Absolutely well done! :)
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How do you i CAN-wha-but-i wat? How do you do it it is so hard to draw andi dont even choose the correct color and UGH  you probably practiced andi should practice cause practice makes perfect right?
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Woah... this is reeeaaally beautiful!!! :wow: :omg: :omfg: :O
Truly love it!!! Looks really peaceful!!! :love: :love: :love:
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Fluttershy is like..



Ask-BlazeTheCatPlz's avatar

Wait, did THE DeathPwny actually reply to me....


I'm freaking out now...


I don't want to freak out but...



But yeah Tard Happy 

Ask-BlazeTheCatPlz's avatar



I love yoooou...

You're an artist...




Look at my artwork compared to yours T_T


You make me look like absolute :shithappens: and :poo: revamp.

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That face, I can't take it call a hospital!
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Doctor Fluttershy will handle it :iconfluttershyishappyplz:
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