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Pink pone demands all your cookies

(yes, I'm shamefully late behind on horsisodes)
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Look out, she's a biter.
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Pinkie Pie:
"I want cookies and Wander!"
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this is why i am here.
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(My OC) Heart Gold: C-Cookies? What cookies? *Hides the cookie she was eating behind her.
Pinkie pie (smile evil) plz COOOOOOOKIIIIIESSSSSSS!!!
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Lucky for her, I don't have any cookies. Wait, oh n-
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You're so welcome!
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Don't worry, you're not the only one who's behind.
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Almost through by now. I didn't even realize S7 was partially out when I started on this °_°
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Yeah, it's on hiatus, though I've only seen the first three.

I have to say, I'm surprised this is the first time I'm not in a rush to see them.

Hope you enjoy them!
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"(yes, I'm shamefully late behind on horsisodes)"

same here :( i'm only a few episodes ahead of you!

very nice artwork though! creepy / silly. x)
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I'm further ahead of Glim Glam and pals since I started drawing this, but still not quite through
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too late pinks the CMC cleaned me out. but i got a nice bowl cream corn if ya want.
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Noh!!! Only COOOOKIES!
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