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CMC Pinkacopter builders, YAY

Something from behind the scenes.
Apple Bloom gets one step closer to discover her cutie mark, Sweetie Belle masters the dumb fabric and Scoots discovers that an own stalkacopter might not work out that well.
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Pinkie-M-FazbearPie's avatar
Awww! That's so cool!
Poor scoots is probably going to need that more than she knows...

Aside from that, soon, any pony can fly, YAY!
DeathPwny's avatar
We might see in S4 :iconscootaloohappyplz:
arlos411's avatar
nice picture. i like it.
DeathPwny's avatar
arlos411's avatar
you're welcome. so, can i have a request, please?
DeathPwny's avatar
What kind of request? I usually don't do those since I have hardly time to draw and sprite the things that I want
arlos411's avatar
could you please draw princess celestia and princess luna, please?
Team-Friction's avatar
Stalkerloo joke?

DeathPwny's avatar
A little^^ I kinda imagine her trying to build an own Scootacopter but failing
AleximusPrime's avatar
I love how Pinkie's face looks here! XD
DeathPwny's avatar
:iconpinkiecuteplz: Thanks /)°ε°(\
zgrayfoxz's avatar
wow is very lovely :iconpinkieishappyplz:
DeathPwny's avatar
DeathPwny's avatar
:iconpinkiecuteplz: With Pinkie, there is no other way^^
MegaPatron's avatar
very nicely done :)!
iiRockpuppy's avatar
Awesome work man! I love Pinkie's poses in your art
DeathPwny's avatar
Thanks! Pinkie is my favourite not without reason XD
3Maxa's avatar
They made it together? Strange that nopony was hurt during take of or a few seconds after))
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