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3D Pinkie Pie

Finally I got her rigged and added a balloon butt texture.
It's done in Blender
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This looks so much better than most 3D models I've seen.
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Better than SFM can ever do.
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amazing art DeathPwny
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This is awesome!!!
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I love her!! congratulations, she looks perfect!!
i wish i could do things like this, how does one learn?
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Absolutely perfect! It looks simply stunning at every angle, and that's something Hasbro can never seem to do in the slightest! 
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hey DeathPwny im just wondering if it is possible to get the 3d model? i have a 3D printer "makerbot" and i would like to test it out with a big and high poly model. and i love you model it looks amazing :D and i think it will take the good part of an hour maybe more to print that in the size i will print it in :D hope you respond kristoffer.
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Hi. I'm not allowed to publicly share them, but you can officially get them here…
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All Ha$bro needs is to employ fans to design their toys.

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Actual, it seems that's what they're doing
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Sometimes good things happen.

And when we get excited and optimistic, they are pulled away from us, with the sound of laughter.
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Hmmm... their horse faces are not long enough. This model on DA looks much better.
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But yet those good things may come sometime soon °_°
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So cute omg nice job! : D
Gotta try this, what website is this?
I typed in and Blender Magazine came up ;-;
Looking at the pixels, the plz in the replies, and this with other art i can tell Pinkie Pie may be your fave pony, if not i'm sorry for judging ;-;
DeathPwny's avatar
No need to be sorry, you are correct :iconpinkiepiecheckplz:
Yeah, it's not com, it's org
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Has a Linux computer
Sees this
Goes to website
Sees its for Linux computers
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And it's portable too :iconpinkiewinkplz:
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Could compete with the Gmod / SFM models.
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Wow so smooth 
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How did you do it? I am familiar with blender but did you sculpt?
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