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A pretty basic replacement flag for Egypt. Their flag is one of those red-white-black tricolours that I am also on a mission to replace. This one's not my favourite flag ever, but I've been puzzling it over for a while and I guess this is as good as it's going to get.

The colours are all of those flown over islamic Egypt. Black, Rashiduns and Abbasids; white, Umayyads; gold, Mamluks; red, Ottomans; and green, the Alawiyyahs. I chose the single-star and crescent for simplicity's sake, to represent Islam itself. They also include both the pan-african and pan-arab colour schemes, given their position on the corner of Africa and at the centre of the Arab world.
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This looks interesting... I like it!
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Very well done flag and I really like the research that you have done to make a flag that is respectful to the culture of Egypt and the culture of Africa. Thus it is very believable that a flag like this could be the flag of Egypt.

I have sought to do the same with an alternate history flag of Iraq that in the alternate history has been renamed Mashriq, the name of the region that the state encompasses. I made three versions of that flag, this one is the most popular:…
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Amazing, I love your explanation for the colors.
Why is it 2:1?
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'Cause what self-respecting flag isn't?

Seriously, I just like long flags, short ones look weird.
I  hadn't noticed it was you...
What do you thing, so, about the flag of Qatar? 11:28!
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