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Australia II

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My submission to the October 2013 /r/vexillology contest, a flag to replace Australia's crap one. Not even close to a win, that time, but better than my last version.

A gold Commonwealth star above a gold saltire, on a background of blue and red. The colours are a compromise between the national colours of Australia, gold and green; the colours of the Australian Aborigines, black, gold, and red; and the colours of the old flag, blue, white, and red. The saltire is also a reference to the Union Jack, and in concert with the red, it creates a reference to Uluru/Ayer's Rock , and is also a visual metaphor for the Australian peoples' life sandwiched between the sea (blue) and the desert (red).

Current Flag of Australia:…
My original, somewhat misguided but ultimately productive, attempt at Australia:…
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I prefer the idea of every commonwealth national flag sharing a gold star to some of them having a flag pasted onto the top corner. Cool.