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Spooky Tree Brushes

Photoshop 7+

15 brushes, around 2000 pixels each, with cartoon shading.

These were rendered in Poser from some tree props I recently purchased.

*squints* Those five near the end look rather like triffids.

Use these however you want, no need to credit me, or ask permission to use them in prints. Just don't go around selling the brush set itself, 'cause that would be lame, yeah?
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excelente trabajo!!

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These are great. BTW, it's nice to read that someone knows what a triffid is!

Great collection of trees, thanks!

Thanks! These are great!
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Thanks for creating and sharing these brushes.
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I love  these brushes. I haven't used them yet outside of just seeing what they look like on the page but I can already tell I am going to have a LOT of fun with these. Thanks so much ^,..,^
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thank you very much :) you're awesome
thank you very much
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Thank you for providing these. Used here…
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These brushes are badass.  How did you vectorize them after rendering them in poser? Or did you use the sketch option for rendering?
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Used your brushes here
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generous thanks !!
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Oh YAY thank you for making these! Its so hard to find unrestricted stock/brushes. And then hope they work in PS7 <3
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First use yay, used them, here.
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Thank you so much for these nice brushes. :)
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How do I use these brushes?
Awesome collection Thanks
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eu posso usar em um jogo?

Nice work, very helpful. used em here:…
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