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A/N: I know its quite dark and sad, but I really hope you enjoy anyway! Realized I posted this to my personal journal a few years ago so I'm uploading it again!


He's been having this feeling for days now.

The unshakable, unmistakable feeling of dread, creeping up like a looming shadow.

   Watari takes out his pure white handkerchief, and lightly dabs his forehead as he rests on the kitchen table. The friendly and inviting aroma of freshly made cake wafts around the room, making his dark premonitions something of a ridiculous thought.

His grey mustache furrowing into something of a halfhearted smile, Watari looks around the room.


All This.

L what a wonderful man you've turned out to be.

My prodigy.

My son.

What a crazy life you've lead.

Watari remembers when he first found L that fateful day. With a messy head of raven hair, and grey eyes that stared into your soul.

Yeah, Watari remembers.

He remembers the way he stood, with a grubby lollipop in one hand, and a coat that was too large for his small body. He remembers the halfhearted, sad, broken smile that was on his face.

Yeah, he remembers.

He remembers the day when the little prodigy finally opened up to him. The day when they connected. The day L put all the trust his tiny little body could muster into the palm of Watari's hand.

Such fond memories...

He remembers the heartbreak. He remembers the trial and error, and the strength that pulled them through, together. They were a team, though all of their problems. He remembers their cases, and L's genius.

As time ticks by, Watari knows.

He knows its nearing the end..

The end of such a beautiful journey...

Then he feels it.

That thud within the burrows of his soul that stops his heart dead in its tracks.


Oh God please no...

Let L be ok.

As his handkerchief floats delicately to the ground, and Watari is brought to his knees,

He knows.

A Smile forms on his face, a knowing, wise smile.


Thank you for the memories...
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