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At any cost...

By deathnear
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Picture, the plot of which hardly anyone will understand.
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I have seen cats smack alligators and horses on YouTube.
What chance does a dragon/demon have?
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Wonderful La la la la La la la la 
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That's beautiful Love took me a while to notice the other cat :)
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Your art is simply amazing
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Judging by the evil look on the visible cat's face and the slightly scared look on the big dragon, I suspect that it is in fact the dragon protecting the wee kit from this intruder
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Мне очень нравится. Восхитительно, как и все остальные работы!
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Holy, epic-ally wondrous! This Mystical Dragon is stunning and The Black Kitty looks incredible! the designs, expressions, poses, shadows, abyss, wings, horns, claws, teeth, eyes, interaction, background, leaves, plant life, terrain, backlighting, mist, mystery, shadow cat, realisticness, perspective, eerieness, movement, flow, atmosphere, hues, textures, concept, composition, uniqueness, lighting, colors, style, and other details are also sensational! Amazingly radical work! :iconfantasticplz:
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love the head form of the dragon and the fluffyness of the cat c: 
I think the plot is that the dragon captured the kitty of the fluffy mother cat and she's going to get him back at any cost (?) ooor the dragon is the beast inside the cat behind the wing and the big cat want to fight and reach the little kind soul of the other cat at any cost (?) oor I don't know xD
(sorry for my english -.-)
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In fact, the dragon wants to protect the cat, who is hiding behind the wing.  )

(Don't worry, I myself hardly write in English. )
(I write with his other account. because I was too lazy go to main acc. )
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argh I almost get it right xD 

no problem, and thank you very much for the llama <3
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Draw with Jazza had a Cat vs Dragon contest a while back. This is amazing! :D
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Excellent image Clap :D (Big Grin) !!
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I see a shadowwwww behind the wing
The cat's kit/sibling?
Dragon baby? Which stole the cat's food and now it wishes to murder it?
Aaaaat any cost?
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I think I understand the plot a little bit
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holy hecky on a drumstick this is great

like how :0

btw, if you dont mind me asking, what software did you use to draw this?
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Adobe photoshop cs6. )
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