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Denne Shuffle

the only font i did during my sem break T___________T
so basically it's another handwritten 3D font with no holes (to save on ink!).

spent 3 days making this, i wrote everything down using a tablet this time.

added a few other useful characters as well (°, ñ, è, é, €, etc)

also, included a .dfont file for those running a mac & having problems installing the usual .ttf (for some reason). the 1MB zip file includes both formats, a readme.txt file, and two .jpg files (a preview and one with my contact details).

have fun! read the addt'l files included :) again, free for personal use only. for commercial use, contact me first :)
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thank you so much!!

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Thank you so much! Cute!
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What a sweet, wonderful font. Perfect for casual, fun designs. Thanks for creating this and posting it to download.
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Thank you very much <333
Can I use this on small scale commercial items?
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thank you!<#3
Hello, I'm doing and FCCLA star project, which is an event in which students design a business of some sort and take it to state, and occasionally national, competition. My project is a cafe called The Hipster Cat and it's all about art. When I was looking for a font for the logo i thought "why not use a REAL artist?" supporting and getting artist known and out there is one of the things my cafe does. When I was this font I knew it would be perfect. So if you could let me use this that would be great! You will be credited for the font also. Please contact me as soon as possible! Thank you :)
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looking great work!!
Hi, I love your font. How can I email you for permission to use? Thank you
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Very fun! Thank you!
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wow! this is really hard work! so cute! i love it! :3
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OMG, such a cute font.. thanks for sharing
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