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Denne Marker

By deathmunkey
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my second font out of my shitty handwriting.

please at least ask for my permission if you want to use this font commercially.
i would also like to see your finished works with my font on them. :)

--contact me--

PayPal donations are highly appreciated! please keep me alive :D
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Hello! I'm from Spain, where we use acents. Any font with them, please??? ^^
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adorable font <3
ill use it in my fursona's ref sheet
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I cannot download it! These stupid signs and stuff is the only thing that happens =( Such a bummer, cuz this font was awesome!
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yeah, that's quite the issue with deviantart servers. try switching platforms, are you using firefox?
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downloaded your fonts!!! so cute and fresh!!! hehehe do you have one with the special characters like " ü " perhaps?!! thanks thanks &hearts;
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I used it to make this wallpaper. C:

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very nice font :D
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thank youuuuuuu! :D downloaded(:
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Great font =)
thanks :D
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OMFG. uber cute. -downloading-
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Love it :)
Thank you!
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i love your fonts! can you make a lot more?? :D
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I downloaded this one too. I love your fonts. :3
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Brilliant, works fine with MSN. Cheers.
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I downloaded this one too, you're very good at making fonts :)
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Your fonts are sooo cute!
This is the kind of font i've been looking for!
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downloaded :)
thanks, i've been looking for a simple handwriting font.
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Thank you so much for this font! :D I downloaded it some time ago and I'm using it x3 I love handwriting fonts and yours is very cute <3
Thanks for doing it! owo
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i just love handwriting fonts i :heart: :heart: :heart: theeeem!!!!! THANK YOUUU for this :dance:
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