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Red shoes

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...Have you ever noticed that in Cult of Chucky Chucky has always red shoes? He has red ballerinas when being Alice, red high heels when being Nica... I like to think he became somehow attached to red shoes after he had to use them so many years when being a doll... XD

So I had to draw this. :D 
What do you think? 
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One question ... The series that will come from Chucky will be related to "Cult of Chucky"?
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I'm not completely sure, but yes, I think so.

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Great job. I have a few tips on how you can differentiate the chucky designs from one another and hopefully improve your already fantastic work.

CP: make the eyes a bit smaller and if you want a more human looking chucky give him a receding hairline.

CP2: make the head a bit bigger and keep the eye's larger than the rest.

CH3: make his cheeks a bit chubbier and make sure his face is always kinda in a angry look.

BoC: keep the chubbier cheeks and make sure his hair is sleeker back with none falling forward at the sides of his face.

SoC: take away the chubby cheeks and let a bit of his hair fall to the sides of his face.

Curse: stick to the design you did in the seven deadly sins

Cult: give him large eyes with a slightly larger gap between them and a thicker neck.

Remake: give him more prominent lips and dimples.

In conclusion your basic chucky design is great. Only problem is it's hard to tell them apart.

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Thanks, that's very interesting, tho. Funny thing, I've been drawing Chucky almost ten years now, and I myself has no (and I dare to believe that my watchers have not either) problem to tell these different Chuckies apart. There's these little differences...

But yes, some of them really look like each other (especially Chucky 1 and Chucky 2), 'cause to me that's just funny. (It brings kind of Huey, Dewey and Louie kind of vibes, lol. XDD)

And the last thing... I've never used to draw Chucky realistically, 'cause we can see the realistic one in the movies anyway. And I like my style. XD

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I like your style to but if it's not to much trouble can you tell me the differences, because for the life of me I can't tell them apart XD.

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The first and the second ones look usually alike. XD

The third one has a clearly visible cleft on his chin.

The fourth one has the most scars.(Sometimes he looks very much like the fifth.)

The fifth one (look above.)

The sixth one has not the one little scar on the right side of forehead (looked from Chucky's view). He's usually the one with the best situation, 'cause the sixth Chucky -movie is my favourite. (For example in this picture:

Spring Cleaning

Only one of them enjoys the situation... XDD)

Seventh one has no scars or freckles and his face is sometimes the roundest. (Sometimes I have drawn him with freckles, my mistake! XD)

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Thanks. I'm still having trouble with 1 and 2 as well as bride and seed. Maybe give 1 that burn mark on his face and like I said before keep brides sleeked back. If you don't like my ideas at least give them a shot.

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the head stomp kill with the heels is my favorite kill in cult

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It was so vengeful and Dr. Foley deserved it. xD

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Doesn’t it remind you of the wizard of Oz? Cause Dorothy wears red shoes? 😊🤍🖤🤍
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Oh no! No you said it...! Spit Laugh HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Walk walk fashion baby
Sun täytyy niin postata se heel-toe jutska XDDD
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Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 

Varmaan pitäis. XD
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oo this is awesome! 
well, maybe he just knows reds the coolest cool hehe XD
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Thanks! O u O

Haha, maybe! xD
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I didn't really like cult but the art is cool non the less

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Thanks so much! :D I see, people really have different opinions about it. I liked The Cult, tho. But the sixth movie is always my favourite. :heart:
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Oof well, the original four in the series are always gonna be my favorite after that im just like :shifty:

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Oisit tehny kaikille glitter kengät XD
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Mä ODOTIN et sä vastaat jotakin tollasta! XDDD

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Ooon niin ennalta-arvattava XD
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Chucky likes them because blood doesn't show up on them. XD
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