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Comment and I'll...

A) tell you why I befriended you.
B) associate you with something - fandom, a song, a colour, a photo, etc...
C) tell you something I like about you.
D) tell you a memory I have of you.
E) ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
F) tell you my favorite picture of yours.
G) in return, you must post this in your journal.

(thank xHermityRubbish for this XD)
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Hey Grace sorry I never spotted this, erm i may have to write this in bits sorry hun as i haven't got a lot of time..

1) you a lovely lass, with a fun and great personality, and although I may not know you well I know you are a great and loyal friend as you was their for Kate went her hour was darkest that fate-less night 1 year ago proving your friendship with her, and for that i will always be deeply grateful for that.

2) Has to be sodding Love Cats by the Cure =p
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Hummmm hard one as i don't know you much sorry but i'll try ;)

Ok first one, although i don't know you very well but from what i do know is, you are a lovely young lady, with a great personalty for some reason you also have a slightly fun rude side too lol XD,

Second it's got to be the colour purple, as I remember seeing you alway post with that colour, then your Avi on Dc as went i think of you i think of that green background picuter, sorry i don't have a song =/

3rd, hmm hard your personally, i like that most of all of you and your honestly

4th an other hard one hmmmmmm, I can't really say sowwie, I don't you that much and i haven't talked with you much other then the rp sorry

5th, Hmm how did you get to Drag cave and the forums?

6th, it has to be MINE XD that look awesome lol =D

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x3 Stop apologising~. You've done nothing wrong. :P

Thank you. x3 I'm rather proud of 'Mine'. x3

Oooh, uhmm. It was a few years ago now.. x3 I was looking around for information on dragons, and I found the Dragon Cave site and thought it looked pretty cool, so I favourite'd it. x3 I went back later and looked around, finding the forum~. I've been a member of the forum longer than I've been a member of DC. xD I think I joined the actual site because I wanted to know what everyone else was talking about. x3
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ok lol,
It's Fantastic hun =-D

Cool, lol i can see why some nice dragons on the site too =)
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There are some gorgeous ones~. You got any Pillows? x3 I'm in lurve with them~.
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I know, erm I don't think so, half the time i have no idea what dragons i'm getting hatching and ect XD lol
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They're cute, fluffy and and big ears~. x3
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Oww i think i have 3, two males and a female i think, XD. they are really cute but i think i like the mints more sorry =p
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ok =)
First of i Befriended you as..
Went we first meet, i found that your personality was/is amazing, plus you seamed to be interested in things similar if not the same as me and i feel for you, so even if i may not be with you i would love to stay a friend of your's

Second one.. I have a few i could say their, some cheesy ones and some norm.
First one, Allen Walker from D gray man with Kanda in them pics you like =p (Yaoi), second Tears of an angel, as a, you brought me to that song, and second from the start you have been an angel :p, that pic i have on fb on my old norm account thats not in al bhed with the pair stood in the fire (reasons i think you know) and the colour red ... and that one is cheesy XP

Some think i like about you.... I like everything about you, ok maybe not the suicidal part but i love every inch about you

a memory about you... XD Got to be the time Grace rang me on your phone and the first words i heard went i answered it was "Bitch!, now im going to shag you!" which was ment for Grace (i think =p) i was shocked (slightly) but found it really funny with the back story, perfect timing answering that call eh?

Hmmmm hard one, i know, Have you got any embarrassing scars and whats their story? ;)

Honesty, even tho i can't find it anymore its the pic of you which Holly i think drew afterwards, it brought out your essence and builty (grr i hate my spelling f ups) the second one is that wallpaper you made me with went you look at it you see a skull around what looked like clouds, but if you look closer the clouds/fog look more like demons and the center of the skull is a naked woman being touched up by them, it toke me weeks to spot that XP

Dannie XD
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Epic, and the phonecall... Oh god, yeah that was hilarious. xDDD

Embarrasing scars? I don't really have any... embarrassing ones, but I do have a few. I guess the most embarrassing would be when I tripped over my dog, fell down the stairs and was too indignant to admit it, so it never got stitched and eventually turned into a scar.
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i know XD I still remember it on a Tuesday night going home from college, Its the best call in my life i've had it was that funny.

ouch that had to hurt, was you ok hun *hugs*
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