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Begin Again: The War Was In Color
"I forgive you."
"I killed your parents."

Tony rubbed his left wrist before rolling the sleeve down over it. “I killed your parents”. Of course the universe would designate his soulmate as a murderer. Just his fucking luck. Eighteen years old, and already fucked up beyond repair.
The Soldier stared at his right wrist. He did not understand the words written there. “I forgive you.” Before he could contemplate this more, the Soldier was frozen once more.
After everything with Iron Man, S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers, and all the bullshit with nearly dying so many times, Tony is so done with the universe. Although most everyone that had a soulmate spent much of their lives searching for their supposed other-half, Tony didn’t even bother trying. His parents died in a car crash when he was sixteen, only for him to find out a year and
:icondeathlife97:DeathLife97 2 0
Patient No. 346 (Steve/Tony)
James Buchanan Barnes, more commonly known as Bucky, shifted for the fifth billionth time in the uncomfortable-as-fuck hospital chair. His best friend, Steve Rogers, was asleep in the bed next to him. The little punk got the flu from one of the kids at his daycare, incapacitating him due to his already-horrible immune system. Bucky became alert when a nurse walked into the room. He was a little shorter than Bucky, leaner too. He had brown hair and eyes, with a sculpted goatee. He wore scrubs with characters from The Super Hero Squad Show. The nurse also had a shitton of pillows in his arms. “I come bearing the gift of pillows. Looks like your friend could use ‘em,” the nurse commented lightly.
Steve shifted in his sleep before blearily opening his eyes. “Fight me” were the first words out of his mouth.
The nurse just blinked at Steve before smirking. “They must have you on the good shit, kid.”
“‘m not a kid. Fight me,”
:icondeathlife97:DeathLife97 1 0
How to Live When Someone You Love Dies
Love. Kindness. Family.
This is how I managed to get out of bed every day when someone I loved died. I remember when my dad told me on New Years Eve three years ago that my grandma was dying. Even though we always joked about her being older than dirt, she had always been healthy. I cried, I raged, I wanted to destroy everything until there was nothing left but the ashes of what once was. I was just grateful I had a friend who could come and visit me. My best friend Cas didn't even hesitate to drive over and sit with me in her house while my parents were at the hospital. I think that's when my life spiraled, just like Eli's. +
Though I am in a better place now, it was hard to live life without the one person I could ALWAYS go to for a hug, some stories, or to just be left alone. I had my safe haven torn from me like a bad wax job. I became a shell, and it wasn't until my parents finally acknowledged that it was more than grief that I finally got the help I needed.
At the time, I had al
:icondeathlife97:DeathLife97 0 0
How To Love 1
Stiles was five years old when he realized that there was something different about him. His parents were going to spend some time with Mama McCall, who had been lonely for a while now. Scott didn’t understand it, but Stiles did, and sometimes Stiles wished he couldn't either. But being smart came with a heavy price.
Stiles stood in the doorway of his parents bedroom as they got ready to head over. Poppa was buttoning and Mommy was putting powdery stuff on her face. The child reveled in the transformation it brought to her. She was always beautiful but now Mommy was stunning. Like when Stiles stared at the sun too long and it burned his eyes. He walked over to his mommy, pleading with her to put him on her lap. When she did, they both watched her finish.
When Mommy was done, she looked down at her only son. “Do you want to try some make-up?” she asked. Stiles nodded enthusiastically. Noah didn’t put up any fuss about Stiles trying something “girly”,
:icondeathlife97:DeathLife97 0 0
Mature content
I Won't Give Up 1 :icondeathlife97:DeathLife97 0 0
A Sunflower Can Never Be A Rose (Satan/Natalie)
When she had inherited the flower shop after her father’s retirement, Natalie never expected someone like Lucifer would come into her shop. It had started off like any other day. Natalie had been rearranging  a few corsages in the refrigerators just in time for the prom season. She was completely startled when the entrance slammed open. It was about one in the afternoon, so it was going to be slow for the next few hours. What surprised Natalie even more was who came to her little shop. His black hair was slicked back from his tan face, making his molten gold eyes stand out even more. She didn’t even care that he was covered in many tribal-looking tattoos, just that his toned arms were made even more obvious by the tight-white t-shirt. Natalie blushed at her thoughts, her face turning even redder when those stunning eyes turned to look at her.
The man practically stalked towards her, taking out his wallet. He slapped a $20 bill on the counter. “How do I passive-ag
:icondeathlife97:DeathLife97 4 0
To Love An Archangel (Michael/Adam) by DeathLife97
Mature content
To Love An Archangel (Michael/Adam) :icondeathlife97:DeathLife97 0 0
Shatter Me [You Make Me Feel Alive] by DeathLife97
Mature content
Shatter Me [You Make Me Feel Alive] :icondeathlife97:DeathLife97 1 0
More Than My Own:moving but going nowhere by DeathLife97 More Than My Own:moving but going nowhere :icondeathlife97:DeathLife97 2 0 More Than My Own:blades of grass on tiny bare feet by DeathLife97 More Than My Own:blades of grass on tiny bare feet :icondeathlife97:DeathLife97 1 0 We Are All Dreaming This Life Away 1 by DeathLife97 We Are All Dreaming This Life Away 1 :icondeathlife97:DeathLife97 0 0
Begin Again: Mercy
Bucky breathed, setting his guitar down on the family couch before answering the door. Tony was coming over to help him study for his biology final. Tony wasn't even taking the class, but he had volunteered to help anyway. Not only was he smart and handsome, but kind as well. No wonder Bucky had had the biggest crush on the guy since freshman year. Opening the door, Bucky couldn't help but return the smile that greeted him. "Hey, Bucky! Let's get this shit done!" Tony said enthusiastically, pushing his way past Bucky into the Barnes' residence. He paused in the doorway, looking between Bucky and the guitar. "I didn't know you played," he said softly.
"Yeah. I was working on a new song when you came over," Bucky said with a shrug. "I could play it for you after we finish study."
Tony smiled. "Well, then let's get started."
Several hours and three cups of coffee later, Bucky was studied out, cell structures imprinted into his mind's eye. "Ugh, I don't think I'll ever be able to look at a
:icondeathlife97:DeathLife97 0 0
Begin Again: Bleeding Love
Nightmares were rather commonplace in the Tower, so it wasn't surprising for Tony when he heard someone walk into the library as he played the piano. It was a particularly hard night for the genius, memories of Howard and Mom blending with horrid images of the Chitauri. He had only gotten three hours of sleep before being rudely awakened. Tony never stops his rhythm, playing a song that reminds him of James: "I don't care what they say, I'm in love with you. They try to pull me away, but they don't know the truth. My heart's crippled by the vein that I keep on closing. You cut me open and I keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love..."
As he finished, James came over to him and wrapped his flesh and bone arm around Tony's waist. "What are you trying to say, dollface?" he asked, pressing a kiss into Tony's neck, resting his face there.
Tony shrugged lightly. "Not my fault a lot of people are ignorant of who we really are."
James hummed in agreement. "We have the Avengers to support
:icondeathlife97:DeathLife97 4 0
All This Time 1 by DeathLife97 All This Time 1 :icondeathlife97:DeathLife97 3 0
Remember 7: hurry up and save me
One of the many perks of being a supersoldier was the quick recovery time. With the spider bite, Peggy could recover more quickly than Pop and Uncle Bucky, but not to the extent that Wade can. That being said, she became conscious again while they were transporting her to wherever the fuck they were taking her. Peggy opened her eyes slightly, enough for her to seem but small enough so the asshats who took her would think she was still unconscious. About thirty minutes passed before they made a sharp right, stopping a little too quickly for the teenager. As they were unloading her, Peggy noticed they were in the warehouse district outside of Brooklyn.
This is such a cliché, Peggy thought as they placed her on the ground in the middle of the abandoned building (rude!), putting steel handcuffs on her. Peggy would've scoffed if it wasn’t for the fact that she was still “unconscious”. I wonder who the grudge is against, the teen mused as foo
:icondeathlife97:DeathLife97 0 0
Remember 6: I don't know what's worth fighting for
“Miss Peggy, I believe it would be vital for you to check your latest email.”
Peggy blinked at VISION before turning her head to the ceiling (a habit her and Dad picked up from living with the other Avengers). She shrugged at the lack of detail, pulling up her email on a holoboard. At seeing the email from the principal, Peggy opened it, curious. By the time she finished reading the letter, her eyes were as wide as saucers and she was hysterically giggling. "Miss Peggy?” VISION questioned.
The innocence of the query was what pushed Peggy over the edge, falling to the floor in hysterical laughter. VISION rushed to her side, kneeling down to run a diagnostic scan of her health. Other than high serotonin levels, she was healthy. “I’m fine, Vizh,” she told the droid, “I just wasn’t expecting that.”
Vizh tilted his head in curiosity. “May I see?” Peggy nodded, watching as VISION stared blankly for a few seconds before his eye
:icondeathlife97:DeathLife97 0 0

Random Favourites

Robsten by tomgirl227 Robsten :icontomgirl227:tomgirl227 6 0
I open up my hands to the sky and wait
for the ceiling or a lonely heart
to fall right into them; I'm not lost
as long as you let me guide you
through the darkest corners of my dreams
- or maybe they're someone else's
but isn't it arrogant anyway to label dreams
as your own?
See; even if I can hear your heart beat
from across this room it doesn't change
the fact that it isn't mine to keep and I know
would I open your chest and take it,
the beating would die away but I'm not sure
what my real reason is for letting you breathe...
maybe I'm a good person; but even if I'm not,
I'm definitely too good for you.
You were renting a room inside of my head
but in the end, you never paid the rent;
no word of thanks, no real apology,
not a single breath for me – and I saw you
giving away precious smiles, but never
never was any of those meant for me
and you left without giving your condolescences
for my wilting roses.
If it's words you want, here you have them
again I give you more than you d
:iconmiserabel:miserabel 11 4
Glowing lights come through the window
From ambulances 'cross the street
And yet I didn't even care to care, 'cuz I'm just
So void of thought, as if I hit delete
It didn't even pass my mind 'till now. No, my mind just stayed with beat
Faded from memory those people were, but people nonetheless
People with hopes and lives and so much to say
At least, I hope to guess
My music seems so loud right now
But my mind is far from it
Quickly it reels Yet slowly my pencil's put down
And I wonder: Are they ok?
Are they still here
It's finally hitting me full-force
The blows too much to bear
My hands are now on my knees
Clutching as I lean forward
"People die everyday" I think
"But not this close to home"
…It never seems to does it?
People try to ignore and to hide that fact
The fact that so many die every second
And that death doesn't take favorites
I lift my drained face to see my window
It's glowing lights still there
And involuntarily I find
That I can't bear to care
So I turn back to my d
:iconi-am-tsukiko:i-am-tsukiko 2 0
Milady by Seth3 Milady :iconseth3:Seth3 4 4
One voice screaming alone can only reach so many ears
But those it does know and understand those fears
The one become few, slowly becoming that much more loud
Until the few become many, and many become a crowd
They call out together, wanting more than to be heard
But understood and noticed as they more stronger and loud
They do not call out merely for their own self-satisfaction
But they call out for a purpose, a demand for action
The single voice that called for adjudication
Has now become the heart-felt cry of an entire nation
A call to the kings of the world, unity is unbroken
For we still have our voice, the mob has spoken
Our voices can reach every corner of the earth
To show that compassion and justice are still held with worth
:iconshayasundra:shayasundra 5 3
Blessed and Divine
The paths of the Blessed and Divine
Converge, becoming one.
A millennium ago they would have
Never met along the
Torn edges of the galaxy.
One who began watching from above,
One seen through many faces
Yet all of her's were the same;
Brought forth to raise a toast
Toward shorter days and short-wicked candles
Of petty lives left incomplete.
Beautiful weaving begin to unwind,
The clock's hand breaks in two with
The sound of the last toll.
Surely how little a part they must play
In this dramatic ending
May be enough to send futures spiraling.
The paths of Blessed and Divine
Converged and became one,
Bringing the end of sugar-coated hope
Ever so much closer to the brink.
:iconsakari-san:Sakari-san 1 0
respect by siwymortis respect :iconsiwymortis:siwymortis 1,529 163 Princess by NikNikonov Princess :iconniknikonov:NikNikonov 5 5 Eileen Prince: Hogwarts Years by Capricornicis Eileen Prince: Hogwarts Years :iconcapricornicis:Capricornicis 148 10
Don't shove a name on me –
Your stereotype can crash and burn.
You cannot keep me down;
I will always rise and return.
Your labels mean nothing to me –
Utter nonsense through and through.
Every person is unique;
I am me and you are you.
Skinny, smarty, four-eyed freak...
Chubby, lazy, forgetful, meek...
Afraid, coward, forgetful fool...
Follower, do-gooder, mindless tool.
All these names are meaningless –
I am me and you are you.
But when names cease to be
How can you tell who is who?
Labels define us and create us –
Remind us of who we are.
Every person is unique,
But stereotypes can go too far.
:iconscarletdevil1503:ScarletDevil1503 185 137
What He Left Behind by nairafee What He Left Behind :iconnairafee:nairafee 2,618 104 The Crypt I by Nichofsky The Crypt I :iconnichofsky:Nichofsky 680 37
Your Worst Enemy
Goodnight bitch
Never really loved you
So what if I don't want to talk
You wanted to help me but you can't
'cause you are on your own now
I didn't really care about you
No one really did
Your mother
Your friends,
Even the close ones
They all lied
That's the one thing you suck at big time
You can't tell a lie from the truth at times
When you think everything is going to be fine
Well guess what, it's not 'cause after I am done with you
You will have nothing left
You will be walking around with a broken soul
Then no one can help you again
You try building it back up
But you can't
Nothing helps
Better off if you just drop dead
And then you want me gone
Out of your life but guess what
I'm always there, hauting you
Love to scare and frighten you
I do it just for laughs, your fear is my joy
Your hate is my love
Your disappointment is my approval
I am the opposite of what you do and say
'cause really, you can't change me
Run, run fast as you can but you can't stop me
:iconjjwkv:jjwkv 4 2
I'm Fine, Trust me
It's just fine
Just stab me with that knife
I'm just fine
Rip my heart out when I'm alive
All that I see
Is you in my dreams
All that I see
Is that my heart is incomplete
It's just fine
My heart's made of ice
It's just fine
Just make me feel alive
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 936 224
The Maker
The Maker
If man can create artificial suns,
Trapped in cold steel and bathing the ground
In unnatural light,
If man can forge great gods,
To shield himself from the unknown
And save them from the night
Then answer this, if you please
Something which shall bring your pride to its knees
If man can create such great things
And preach to nurture
Why does he leave his child a sick planet
Instead of a brighter future?
:iconkendallkun:KendallKun 2 0
I love these. The artists are amazing! I'm so jealous ;) cuz I wish I had their talent.



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Hey everyone!! So I'm writing this journal in the hopes of finding someone to do some artwork for me for the next couple of stories I'm gonna be writing soon. If anyone is interested, please message me so we can work out how things are going to work out. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to read this!! Love 

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