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Nimbu (updated with her story)

By deathking12
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Am rat-kin and am quick-fast. Very good-good with kill-kill. 

had fun making a rat girl and may expand her story later. 

Nim is a ratman rogue, she started with her clan in the deep caverns, though intelligent they are considered "monsters" similar to goblins. While they were expanding their territory deeper in their caves, they excavated a earth lizard. With it running rampant. They got anyone who could fight but couldnt do much for its massive size and tough scales and skin. Nim was among them fighting with all she could only to be caught in its jaws, with teeth through her midsection and her upper body poking out she saw its glowing orange eye. She took the sharp bone from her hair and drove it in deep and going deeper all the way to her shoulder. Her kin came to her torn up body trying to aid their savior "stapling" her back together with bands of metal. To numb her they gave her any and every carthogen they had from alcohol to opium. (which she keeps to this day for her chronic pain) Spending days and weeks pretty much comatose being prayed for and prayed to as a savior of the clan. When healed she came as an envoy to sell the lizards parts. Not getting far without hatred of others races when she came across the paladin who did not judge her race and aided her into entering the town and selling the lizards. Gaining money for her people back home. Despite the prosecution of other adventures and people. She chose to become an adventurer to gain more profits and supplies for her kin. Going to the only one who would offer aid, she offered money for his service he declined offering more, as her partner and party member. Where she would help him in return. Which comes to clash due to cultural differences and her current drug addiction and the paladins admirers and coworkers.

Nim and art- deathking12
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she are so cute i love rat girl she is like a skaven^^

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kinda but more dnd than warhammer

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Super cute! I love that she uses a bone as a hairstick! But is she smol?

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shes just under five feet tall