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Flash Short: Pretty Woman
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By Deathinator   |   Watch
Published: March 8, 2007
© 2007 - 2019 Deathinator
Pretty Woman

Pretty woman, walking down the street, pretty woman, the kind I’d like to meet… I swear if I ever meet someone like Mikayla I’ll flip, probably why Stallox flips for her. I like stupid chicks… >> shut up

Stallox: << She’s mine
Good, have that stupid cat! I’ll find me a nice stupid human!

So I forgot why I made this in the first place. I guess Leah was on my good side, but I never finished it because I got mad a little bit after D: So I did this near thanksgiving 2006, and today I finished it up.

It took me all of thanksgiving break to do, along with today, making a total of 6 days (though quite possibly 8)

I did the Credits today, my art's improved but I decided to keep everything the same through the movie, so ya

Hope you like it Leah, oh, and the rest of you can like it too… >> in fact do, love it!

I Credited the music artist in the credits, Roy Orbison - Pretty Woman
Mikayla © megami-no-yorokobi
Everything else © Deathinator
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InsomniacLombaxHobbyist Digital Artist
oh haha epic fail x3
dreameronPoT's avatar
xD How funny is that?
"Pretty Woman" music playing and walking through a good crowd and then tripping over a small rock which ruined the spotlight... xD

That made my day!

Love your style, it's so different among other artists!~
Deathinator's avatar
DeathinatorProfessional Filmographer
Excuse me if you get 2 comments, I haven't seen the other show up yet. XD

Mikayla is an awesome character, I love her to bits. I'm glad to make you happy!

Aw really? I never considered my style very unique. Thank you! x3

Though really this thing is SO old! This was back when I was using vectors all the time. Puh. I was so lame XD
dreameronPoT's avatar
lol. I know nothing about flash and vectors, so I'm clueless as to why you would call yourself lame, but what matters is the outcome and that you're content with it, right? x3
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DeathinatorProfessional Filmographer
Back when I used vectors, pieces only needed to be drawn once. It just looks a little lazy in my eyes now days.

Each joint would be a different part. Such as the Head would be one object, the upper torso would be another, the waist would be another.

Now I'm more curious into doing frame-by-frame animation. The stuff you'd see on television and Disney for instance.
AceofSpades53's avatar
*Sees Kid pop outta nowhere* Get down from there.
Deathinator's avatar
DeathinatorProfessional Filmographer
tirsden's avatar
tirsdenHobbyist General Artist
:ninja: ..........:giggle: :+fav:
Hyric-the-hunter's avatar
So you'd like the stupid types... Stupid in what area?
Deathinator's avatar
DeathinatorProfessional Filmographer
>> hmm, the mind (though not too dumb) and well, eh what else is there?
Hyric-the-hunter's avatar
Those that have very bad judgement for one (otherwise known as "fools") and there are the other types that are just dense
Puppetdog's avatar
Thats my kinda girl. Clumsy, furry thighs, long blonde hair. What more could you ask?
Deathinator's avatar
DeathinatorProfessional Filmographer
Her to shave? XD

Nah being a cat fur is good!
Puppetdog's avatar
Ya got me wrong. I SERIOUSLY like the furry furry cat girl. No to shave!
Deathinator's avatar
DeathinatorProfessional Filmographer
Ya, Leah usually makes twisted characters, but personally I love the prep in pink most :)
Beastgods's avatar
Stallox at the end XD haha well done!
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seanptHobbyist Traditional Artist
lol, i wanna see that in real life:D
Lombax-Queen's avatar
Thats very adorable. The flash was very smooth and well done...i loved it alot.
DesLacooda's avatar
I wish I would go on with Maya and make Xenon act stupid in motion already! And that was funny how the crowd was looking at her (specially the sploosh)
megami-no-yorokobi's avatar
*cracks up*
Yes, now that was just awesome. *points and laughs at Mikayla* Oh burn! You tripped on a rock! That would so totally happen too. ^^ Awesome work!
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DeathinatorProfessional Filmographer
thank yee
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