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Vaylin Min-Zehrya by DeathianDragonFear
Mature content
Vaylin Min-Zehrya :icondeathiandragonfear:DeathianDragonFear 3 2
Mature content
Cynthia's Profile :icondeathiandragonfear:DeathianDragonFear 0 0
The Tharian Elves Data
Specie Name: Tharian, singular of specie, Tharian's, many of specie or signifying of a group.
Specie Main Language (If Applicable): Ancient Elven, of which they have come to name, Shaito, it is spoken in common Shaito and Ves-Shaito, of which is a less common and older version of their language, though even the common speakers can understand this, with little difficulty.
Average Lifespan: 1200-1500 galactic years, Tharian's age slowly and mature at approximately 100 galactic years, depending on the personality of the individual, some mature earlier than others, but officially called an adult at 100 years old by their society. They have four life stages and are as follow:
From birth to 50 years they begin their child stage, growing to a further mature state and having an adult appearance by 18-20 years, the reason they mature slower through age wise is due to their lengthy lifespan and to make that time be used wisely, they strive to learn and are eager to become wiser, stronger and sma
:icondeathiandragonfear:DeathianDragonFear 0 0
Mature content
Dawn Hezekal's Profile :icondeathiandragonfear:DeathianDragonFear 0 0
Mature content
Suzanna Vasuli (Gargoyle Vamp Hybrid) :icondeathiandragonfear:DeathianDragonFear 1 0
Kate Voss' Profile (Halcyon Paladin)
Name: Kate Voss
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 58 years (Human age), born in 3012, April 19th
Gender: Female
Race: Halcyon, Paladin breed
Occupation: Corporal/Squad Leader for Infantry Squad
Clan/Origin: Core Clan
Family: She has a brother named Jack, two nieces named Sabrina and Syl and a sister named Casey, she is partnered at present with a Halcyon Architect named Orpheus.
Appearance: Kate stands at the average height of 1.82 meters (6 foot); she is covered in soft snow white fur from head to feet; starting off at her head, shaped like the average female Halcyon, her fluffy yet very sensitive ears are usually flopped cutely down at the sides of her head, her muzzle short and ever so slightly outward, her eyes are a soft yet intense azure blue tone without any sign of discolouration, they are tilted upwards to have a soft wide yet slightly narrow compared to the average eye shape of Halcyon's. Above her eyes rest her thin and slightly curved eyebrows, snow white in color to match her hair
:icondeathiandragonfear:DeathianDragonFear 0 0
Kate Voss' Profile (Human)
Name: Kate 'Harper' Voss
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 28 years, born in 3012, April 19th, Unknown location
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Occupation: Corporal/Squad Leader for Infantry Squad
Clan/Origin: None
Family: She has her brother, Jack working with her in the Infantry Squad, they do not really get along very well, seeing as Kate is a no nonsense type of gal and has better Plasmatics than her brother Jack. She also has a younger sister named Casey who is being looked by a close Halcyon friend of Kate's safely on one of there colonies.
Appearance: Kate stands at the average height of 1.72 meters (5 foot 8 inches) with the natural skin tone of white just ever so slightly more pale due to her space travels. Her figure is of an athletic but endowed human female, if genetically modified to have sharper reflexes and stronger will along with mind, at the sides of her head rest two near flat ears, average in size but ever so slightly pointy at the tips, each having two small silver hoops as earr
:icondeathiandragonfear:DeathianDragonFear 0 0
Mature content
Tyria's Profile :icondeathiandragonfear:DeathianDragonFear 0 0
Mature content
Elektra Zermayne's Profile :icondeathiandragonfear:DeathianDragonFear 0 0
Mature content
Kierla's Profile :icondeathiandragonfear:DeathianDragonFear 0 0
Idana Novaheim, Kogahn Spectre by DeathianDragonFear Idana Novaheim, Kogahn Spectre :icondeathiandragonfear:DeathianDragonFear 0 0
Jindra Zur'Kolesk's Profile
Name: Jindra Keeley Zur'Kolesk
Other Names/Titles: Commander Jindra, Jinny
Age: 285 years old, born March 6th 2755
Gender: Female
Race: Lorkaine Elf
Class: Psyker Commando
Occupation: Admiral for the A.M.F/Contact for Assault Squad
Origin: Arynthia, Ilusious City
Sexuality: Bisexual
Family: Tormas, Father, Iluma, Mother, Shuyem, Elder Brother
Personality: Jindra is a very intelligent and carefully trusting individual, she always makes sure to put others before herself however she keeps her best smiles for friends and family. She has a fancy for sweet things and despite her outer commander-esque appearance, she surprisingly prefers to wear feminine clothing whenever she is at home and away from the military duty. She is strict towards her fellow troops and does not tollerate failure, however she can be forgiving if they prove they can recover from such screw ups, she can be a kind hearted woman if she finds the moment to display it.
Appearance: Jindra stands at the average height of 5 f
:icondeathiandragonfear:DeathianDragonFear 0 0
Mature content
Winter Ryth-Mire :icondeathiandragonfear:DeathianDragonFear 0 0
Mature content
Sasha von Sommer :icondeathiandragonfear:DeathianDragonFear 0 0
Mature content
Ling Min :icondeathiandragonfear:DeathianDragonFear 0 0
Enya O'Sullivan Profile
Name: Enya Myrna O'Sullivan
Other Names/Titles: N/A
Age: 28 years old, born May 6th 1986
Gender: Female
Race: Timber Wolf
Occupation: Soldier, sniper/recon
Origin: Ireland, Belfast
Sexuality: Unknown
Family: Mother, Evalyn aged 56, born November 19th 1938, father and two brothers are deceased
Personality: Enya is a strong hearted and willed woman after all she has been through in her short life so far, she is somewhat strict with her patience but tolerates what she needs to, she is however very selfless and is willing to save innocent lives, even if it meant her own ends, she finds peace where she can and prefers to simply get the job done, she is straightforward and rather dislikes foolish and crazy risk taking people. She also loves to sing in private, not really confident of expressing her strong voice in public, possibly due to her busy yet private nature.
Appearance: Enya stands at the average height of 1.68 meters (5 foot 6.5 inches); atop of her wolven head rests her triangular
:icondeathiandragonfear:DeathianDragonFear 0 0
My new stoof, from the art to the stories and whatnot.




DeathianDragonFear's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
I am Dragon or Silver as I prefer, half Irish (my father's side), half polish (my mother's side) and a bit of British as well.

I love to read and write, I do both when I have time, art I love, no matter the form, also I think I like furry art more than any other, I just like how cute fluffy things can be.

Current Residence: Mythzarah, Plane of Souls

Favourite genre(s) of music: Industrial, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, anything that makes a *THUMP*

Favourite style of art: Anime/Anthro

Operating System: Windows 7, Professional Edition

MP3 player of choice: My phone for now.

Personal Quote: By the Blades of Arzu

Favourite game quote: Excuse me, have you got the time, to get stuffed? Fable 3, annoying Gnome's

My Skype name: Dragonoffear/SilverTrigger

My steam user -> SilverTrigger
I do change my steam name now and then just to let others know ahead of time ^^;


Fallout 4: Resting Easy Samantha
Just a pic of my FO4 character named Samantha Li, I was simply seeing what various poses the Dave's Pose mod had as well as seeing how the new hair style looked to boot, I rather liked it but I went back with another style later on, of which I may see about updating a screenshot of said character.
  • Listening to: Nada
  • Reading: Nada
  • Watching: New episodes of Defiance and Continuum
  • Playing: Mainly Dragon Age Origins
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Cola
My list of profiles and things for a game project with a friend and some of my preferred stoof to share and have quick access to, the ones I've done (yay) and the ones I need to do (grr):



Chained Lives -> Chained Lives
Heresy -> Heresy
Joyous Note -> A Joyous Note
My Sorrow -> My Sorrow
Reality Or Lies -> Reality or Lies
Siren of Voices -> Siren of Voices
Winter's Grasp -> Winters Grasp

People of importance or OC's:

Alexander John Thomas Voss -> Alexander John Thomas Voss
Aria Tymir -> Zeraht Aria's Profile
Anya Miranda Silverstone -> Anya Miranda Silverstone's Profile
Aranya -> Aranya, the Mother profile
Aries -> Ares' Profile
Arzu the Corrupted -> Arzu Rhaziatkah's Profile
Ilu Hi'Dru -> Ilu Hi'Dru's Profile
Hera -> Hera's Profile
Kade the Plasmatic convict -> Kade's Profile
Lasila -> Lasila's Profile
Natia -> Natia's Profile
Natalya Sofia Dragunov -> Natalya Dragunov's Profile
Nightsong Arun'Shallok -> Nightsong Arun'Shallok's Profile
Rahnia -> Rahnia, Light one of Wind and Lightning
Rasmus -> Rasmus' Profile
Raven -> Raven's Profile
Ryth -> Ryth's Profile
Sylvee Kahlan Ja-Stromzen -> Sylvee Kahlan Ja-Stromzen
Sorith/Sora -> Sorith/Sora's Profile
Thane the High Acranyte -> Thane's Profile
Viktor Alexandrov -> Viktor Alexandrov's profile
Willow Grith Varikine -> Willow Grith Varikine's Profile

A.M.F Allies:

Sapphirya the First -> Sapphriya the First's Profile
Sariphya -> Sariphya's Profile
Taliah Eluvarith -> Taliah Eluvarith's Profile

A.M.F Personel:

Brod Vorzen Kir-Sul -> Brod Vorzen Kir-Sul's Profile
Casey Voss -> Casey Voss' Profile
Catherine Voss -> Catherine Karla Natalya Voss' Profile
Idana Novaheim -> Idana Kasiva Novaheim's Profile
Ingrid Ross ->Ingrid Ross' Profile
Izres Keladius -> Izres Keladius' Profile
Jack 'Snipe' Voss -> Jack 'Snipe' Voss' Profile
Jindra Zur'Kolesk -> Jindra Zur'Kolesk's Profile
Kaden 'Hunter' Voss (Human form) -> Kaden Voss' Profile 'Past'
Kaden 'Hunter Voss (Halcyon Paladin) -> Kaden Voss-Halcyon Paladin
Kara Nosa Vesu Ernasia -> Kara Nosa Vesu Ernasia's Profile
Kiras Vorzen Kir-Sul -> Kiras Vorzen Kir-Sul's Profile
Kroz Vol'Terrok -> Kroz Vol'Terrok's Profile
Liam 'Munky' Scott -> Liam 'Munky' Scott's Profile
Linya Winsulver -> Linya Winsulver's Profile
Riza Eren'thulia -> Riza Erin'thulia's Profile
Sarus Vaterius -> Sarus Vaterius' Profile
Syl Natalie Voss -> Syl Natalie Voss' Profile
Syra Moon Anarria -> Syra Moon Anarria's Profile
Talviah Ruarnis -> Talviah Ruarnis' Profile
Thena Sulios -> Thena Sulios' Profile
Zervia -> Zervia's Profile

Information, factions and info of importance:

A.M.F (Alliance of Military Forces) -> Alliance of Military Forces
Silent Sisters Info -> Silent Sisters
Silra Watchers Info -> Silra Watchers Information
The Catalyst Prison -> The Catalyst Prison History


Aposocrytes (description inside Thane's profile)
Dark Irathyte Race (description inside Arzu's profile)
Draken (description inside Thena Sulios' profile)
Hykath Rankings and Race description -> Hykath Ranking Descriptions
Irathyte Race (description inside Rasmus' profile)
Kithlar Race (description inside Kara's profile)
Vatorian Race (description inside Sarus Vaterius's profile)
Xernoxvi Race -> Rise and fall of the Xernoxvi

The Light wise ones:

Kaida -> Kaida, Queen of the light wise one's Profile
Rahnia -> Rahnia, Light one of Wind and Lightning

The Dark wise ones:

Kain -> Kain, King of the Dark Wise ones Profile
Zan -> Zan Yaris' Profile

Things I've described:

Ukadian and it's creation -> The Ukadian and it's creation
The Dark Abyss -> The Dark Abyss

Royal Trouble: Chapter 1 -> Royal Trouble: Chapter One


Archangel Station -> Archangel Station

Need to bloody finish/work on:

Craig Arun'Shallok (Previous Emperor of the Dark Elves)
Gavern Silverstone (Dark Assassin guild master)
Kashyra Erith'cheyra (Queen of the Wood Elves and second A.M.F Ambassador of the A.M.F)
Saria (Daughter of Sariphya and Seth)
Sara (Tharen's wife)
Vorn Kir-Sul (Father of Kiras)

Other A.M.F Admirals (in order of squad not name):

Codis Stevens (Male Human/Keeper Squad contact)
Xiran Okavius (Male High Elf/Tech Squad contact)
Sylvera Surahn (Female Wood Elf/Stealth Squad contact)
Ryzer Paryzith (Male Dark Elf/Sniper Squad contact)
Zuo Kai-Ryu (Male Kithlar/Recon Squad contact)
Kyjahna Di'Lius (Female High Elf/Demlotions Squad contact)
Yvena Gardreg (Female Draken/Zodiac Squad contact)

The Light wise ones:

Selveda (Goddess of Nature)
Kronos (God of Fate)
Khalyn (Godess of Knowledge)
Inferno (God of Earth and fire)
Katera (Godess of Time)
Blizzard (God of Water and Ice)

The Dark wise ones:

Raven (Goddess of Curses)
Chaos (God of Fear)
Pestilence (Goddess of Diseases)
Reaper (God of Death)
Zera (Goddess of Anguish)
Mirya (Goddess of Sorrow)

Nuetral wise one:

Sabrina (Goddess of Happiness/Neutrality/Sorrow)

Things I need to describe:

Crystalite, the crystal surfaced planet
Kithlar Chrome Weaponry
Saiden version's history
Tharian/Hyakth Weaponry
The Dark Assassin faction
The light and darkshards
The Russian Vanguard of Volkov

Aaaand that just about does it... I think.

Also edit: I reorganized this so it would look neater, helps me see what I have done exactly instead of rummaging through my gallery and looking one by one.

Journal History


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