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Serenia, zero and Oz by deathhio Serenia, zero and Oz :icondeathhio:deathhio 2 2 Chloe Anderson and Yuri Hio by deathhio Chloe Anderson and Yuri Hio :icondeathhio:deathhio 0 0 Kory X Zero by deathhio Kory X Zero :icondeathhio:deathhio 2 2 Azazel (human form) x Nate: Childhood Friends by deathhio Azazel (human form) x Nate: Childhood Friends :icondeathhio:deathhio 1 0
X Men Origin: Virus (sample)
{??? Pov}
Walking down the hall, the metal floor clack with every step I take.  Every bit of my body is in pain, my sight go blurry. I feel like I'm am half concise and slowly slipping unconscious with every breath. How did I end up like this, there nothing but pain.
"there you are sweetheart" the voice echo in my head make it ring in my head "my dear slow down your going to make your self worst" the pain the run through me is to much at that moment I slip unconscious and fall to the ground but something or someone grab me to stop me from hitting the ground and the last thing I hear is "my dear child are you ok" then I dark out.
Hours past since I went unconscious, my body still in pain but not as much I was before, just then I feel a relief the pain start to go away and a weight on my chest, I slowly open my eyes to see a metal roof. So I move my line of sight to my chest to see my little brother laying his head on my chest and it look like he asleep, I move my hand to his head a
:icondeathhio:deathhio 0 0
Logan x Nate: Telepathic Illusions by deathhio Logan x Nate: Telepathic Illusions :icondeathhio:deathhio 0 2 my personality test by deathhio my personality test :icondeathhio:deathhio 1 12 norway x eter (fail) by deathhio norway x eter (fail) :icondeathhio:deathhio 3 4
My Creepy Pasta OC
•Basic info•
Pasta name(not their actual name, what people know them as):  puppet-master,  the queen of creepy pasta, bloody bride, the devil bride
Name: Death Shizuka Kira Nate Hio
D.O.B: unknown so they just have it on Halloween
Age: older then time itself
Species: unknown and hermaphroditism (top half of a female and the bottom half of a male)
Currently living: temple of sacrifice
Nationality: aboriginal, scottish, irish, welsh, german and british
Language(s): all
Sexuality: Bisexuality
Gender: female and male
Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Brother: unknown
Sister: unknown
other family members: children (slender family)
•physical features•
Height: 167 cm
Weight: none
Tattoo(s): (on the right leg)
Scar(s): top right shoulder to the bottom left hip
Other noticeable mark(s): on her right eye is a black and red mocking jack
:icondeathhio:deathhio 1 8
OC: Eter
Mortal Name: Snædís Fuyuko
Nickname:  ice queen, winter rose, winter or Luna
Representative of: empire of Eter
Age:  about 2.6 million years
Age she looks like:  18
Language(s): all
1p or 2p: both
Symbol:  snow flake of midnight blue
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Powers:  ice, snow or anything to do with winter and the power to read people like a book.
Nation anthem: Frozen Heart from the movie frozen
Hair: long pure white hair with midnight blue streaks
Tattoos: birthmark of snow flake on her flag on her left side
scars: on her back from the top right shoulder to the down left hip
Height:  6'0 feet
:icondeathhio:deathhio 0 30
Hetalia x OC's x reader: Atlantis Sacrifice intro
Intro: The beginning
{Your pov}
Today is the day we never thought will come the funeral of Atlantis who been around for more than 70 000 years. Everyone and I mean everyone is here. We never thought we see the day the Atlantis dies because we always thought that she will outlive us all. We are all here the countries, nations, islands, empires, continents, micro-nations, cities, states etc. even our human friend like Kikka. The church was awesome it was make out of crystal and ice and the glass windows was crystalize ice in shapes of winder ferns and there was A dark oak casket with a rose at was on her war flag in dark red mostly her blood frozen. We all sit in our seats as the funeral started and I thought to myself why this did happen and why did it happen. The words are use here are poems and since one of Atlantis first name was death, the poems talking about death is like they are talking about her next to me was Serenia or her human name Kaitlyn is on my left and Australia or Jett
:icondeathhio:deathhio 1 21
Nyo atlantis x serenia Happy Valentine by deathhio Nyo atlantis x serenia Happy Valentine :icondeathhio:deathhio 0 13 2p America X Atlantis x 2p serenia by deathhio 2p America X Atlantis x 2p serenia :icondeathhio:deathhio 1 13 Atlantis # 3 by deathhio Atlantis # 3 :icondeathhio:deathhio 0 9 who need wonderland when you have me by deathhio who need wonderland when you have me :icondeathhio:deathhio 1 11 Atlantis and serenia: two people one soul by deathhio Atlantis and serenia: two people one soul :icondeathhio:deathhio 0 23
don't be scary to comment


Kakashi x Reader: My former rival
~~Kakashi's POV~~
I'm currently at the training grounds with my students Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke thinking about my childhood friend (y/n). Back in the academy we were both rivals and she seemed to hate me. After Obito's and Rin's death I thought she would blame me for it knowing that they were her friends but she never did. She politely asked what happened and listened silently. Then she told me when I needed someone to talk to I could go to her and that was what I did. We got closer and became best friends. We entered the anbu at the same time but she quit before me because she wanted to be a sensei of her own team. When I also quit we were often sent on missions together because we make a good team. For now we won't go on missions together because we both have a team to train. I haven't met her team yet but for all I know they give her a hard time. The girl seems to like to do things on her own and hates working in a team, one of the boys doesn't take (y/n) seriously because she is
:iconserenity93:Serenity93 403 73
Supernatural x Reader - Impala
The first time it happened, you barely even noticed it.
You had always loved the impala, almost as much as Dean did. If Sam was fond of it, and Dean obsessed with it, then you were appreciative and affectionate. You couldn’t imagine riding in anything else. From the body, to the leather seats, to the trunk space (roomy even for the King of Hell), to how she handled, ‘Baby’ was perfection. It was a classic from the 60’s, had gotten destroyed by a tractor trailer, and still managed to haul your asses across the country.
But needless to say, you never imagined that a car would return those affections.
The instances began with a simple pat. You did it often, patting the impala after getting out, but this time was different. As you dropped your hand onto the hood, though it was only for a second, you could have sworn that you felt a purr underneath. Somewhat akin to that of the engine, but it couldn’t have been on.
Your brow furrowed, but you shook it off and f
:iconeverytimechelle:everytimechelle 603 62
Batman x Male!Assassin!Reader-Watch your back.
~~~~~~~Gotham Cathedral, 11:56PM~~~~~~~
The Dark Knight sighed. The previous rush of villains and criminals had left him relying purely on adrenaline, but now everything was quite. It unnerved him, and as he crouched on a gargoyle, he contemplated just going home for the evening. That thought process changed quickly as the stone he was on exploded, and as he grappled to another gargoyle before he fell to the floor in a bloody mess, Batman saw a figure on a rooftop, then the other gargoyles erupted into chunks of rock as well.
Batman glided over to the now running person, who managed to CATCH one of his Batarangs, and rolled out of the way as the Dark Knight attempted to tackle them. Now with a clear look at his assailant, he noticed the (h/c) hair put in a pony tail at the back, but it was obvious from the physique that the person was male. Their mouth and nose was covered by a (colour) sash, and the cowl's Detective Vision made it clear that the cloth was armoured, along with t
:iconpigswiggle:pigswiggle 317 63
War of Jealousy (Levi X Reader)
    You hadn't looked at Levi in two whole days; not since it happened. He did not like this one bit. He took the advice given to him and kissed you as told to. He even drifted away to wait for you to come to him! But that's not the thing; you weren't coming to him. Now you practically ran from the mere sight of him.
    Being on a whole new level of pissed Levi went to see the shitty advice giver herself. "Hanji!" He yelled upon entering the lab of the erratic woman. She stood up with a cheesy grin on her face. He wanted to beat every shred of happiness out of her in that moment. "You said (f/n) would come running to me if I kissed her and left her wanting more!" He crossed his arms over his chest with a glare glued to her.
    "Maybe you didn't leave her wanting more?" Hanji's suggestion was shot down by an icy glare from gray eyes. "Well, (f/n) is a shy girl, she is probably too scared and nervous to come to you." Hanji told him in a casua
:iconhalice042:Halice042 1,016 165
Reiji Sakamaki x Reader Lemon ~Bite Me.~
I just joined the Sakamaki residence but I am not human. Therefore I am a vampire, my name is _____. I sighed as I went through the dark hallways as outside the lightening flashed. I looked out the beautifully decorated window and closed my eyes. I heard the background noises of the clock and I smiled wide showing my sharp fangs.
"_____, what are you doing out at this time" I turned to see Reiji asked me that question. I smirked wider, I wanted this man. His eyes begged for something but I couldn't put my finger on it right now. I wanted to take his beautiful white and purple locks in my hands and pull them out of his head. I sighed and he just standed there is his 'butler' outfit. He was a strange man, but I loved it. I just felt like telling him to be still because my cold heart is thumping hard, not like I have one...
"Nothing, what would e your concern" I spoke and closed my eyes smiling at the handsome man right in front of me. He chuckled and I heard his book drop.
:iconitspaiger:itspaiger 259 47
Noro x Ghoul!Reader | see you later
"Wow," you gasped.
The Ghoul Investigator had appeared out of nowhere, as you and your friend were playing in the park. Noro was a silent child, so silent that the teachers at school thought he was deaf or mute when they called out to him and got no reaction or reply. You tended to speak for him when teachers tried to talk to him. Not that either of you would be going to school anymore. Both yours and his parents, good old-fashioned ghouls, believed that humans and ghouls were like oil and water; immiscible. Neither could mix. And ghouls, like oil, were always on top, Kings of the food chain. So once you'd both learned enough to read and write a little, they decided it was enough association with your food and pulled you both out.
To celebrate your newfound freedom, you and Noro went to the park.
It was going well until a dove came out of the shadows, attacking two children in broad daylight. But the humans didn't care, screaming in terror when your kakugan activated automatically
:iconsabakunoeyebrows:SabakuNoEyebrows 181 9
Mature content
And Then There Were 'Two! (Mewtwo/Reader/Newtwo) :iconmayplefly:Mayplefly 41 5
Male! Team magma Courtney x team Aqua admin reader
He was there..... I knew it he always lurks around HIM he always has such soul crushing ways of logic....
Who is this man you may wonder? Well he's none other thank Corey from team magma... An I, team Aqua admin [y/n] am his sworn enemy only, he seems a bit... Off to me always talking as if he were a human super computer I get chills just thinking about him. Now currently my team has just recently captured our ultimate goal, the mighty kyogre and with him we plan to turn the land to sea and create our perfect candy coated utopia however, our rivals and "worthy" advisories team magma have achieved the same for they have unleashed the lord of land groudon and plan to ruin the world with his power turning the world to only land with no water whatsoever! I mean, come on! No water!? That's basically a death sentence! Call me crazy but the world would be better off drowned than in a drought.
Moving on, currently both teams are lined up ready for war team magma at their base on land, and team
:iconyanderewriter65:Yanderewriter65 20 9
Decim X Child!Reader: Apprentice
It was just a regular day at Quindecim. Decim cleaning shot glasses and Onna helping out with his work as an Arbiter. Though, there is this certain little child who happens to also be human and is working for Decim along with Onna. However, the girl was no where to be seen since she was still asleep in her room that Decim gave her to stay in. "Hey, what are you going to do with [Name]?" Onna questioned Decim while scrubbing the counter. Decim looked at her in the corner of his uncovered blue eye with confusion. "What do you mean?" He questioned her with his usual non-emotional tone. Onna sighed at his question with slight irritation, "I mean, she's just a child. A human at that. Shouldn't she be judged, I mean, I don't think Nona would like it if she found out?" Decim thought to himself about the consequences of having a human child living with him. Only Decim and Onna knew about the little child, especially Clavis. "I plan to make an arrangement with Miss Nona about having her as my a
:icon10thshapiroboss:10thShapiroBoss 195 16
Snk: Various x Tall!Busty!Naive!Reader [Hugs]
    It was a nice, peaceful morning in the Survey Corps. You had just gotten up, and you walked toward the mess hall with a smile on your face. You just so happened to be (Name) (Last Name), the most sweetest, most oblivious person in the entire regiment. You were also tall, taller than most. The only person who was taller than you was Bertholdt, unless you count the few centimeters Commander Erwin had on you. You didn't care if the guys flirted with you, you thought they were being nice. You were the only girl who didn't reject the male's advances or slap them, so they all liked you, especially because of your breasts. Even though you were naïve, you could fight and kill titans with impressive skill, and you could work with your teammates with virtually no talking. Sometimes, the Survey Corps wondered just how far you could go in this world.
    You pushed open the doors to the mess hall, greeting the room with a cheery, "Good morning, everyone!" Man
:iconhusky-bear:Husky-Bear 702 194
Mature content
Eat You Up(Ayato Kirishima x Reader[Rated 18+]) :iconnomsforthestranger:NomsfortheStranger 118 125
Lust for blood~ Zero Kiryuu x Male!Reader

-Past POV:
Two children played in the yard. Ichiru and Zero played tag, when a child, with shiny (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes peeked though the fence. Zero saw that and went to greet the new kid. "Hey wanna play tag?", asked Zero. The kid, now known as (Y/N), agreed, and then they played together until the accident. They never saw (Y/N) again...
-Zeros' POV:
A new student is transferred today, just great! Another kid to be yelled at because of some 'Idol-sama' or 'Kaname-sama', ugh They are so annoying! We waited, and by 'we', I meant old man Cross, Yuki and myself. We noticed a male (buff/slender) figure. Good, a boy. As he walked I noticed he looked just like (Y/N)! I mean, he has the same (h/c) hair, and the same (e/c) eyes, the same face and everything is the same !! "Hello, Cross Headmaster, I am (Y/N) as you must have been informed, and I am supposed to be one of the students in your school. Pleased to meet you", the new kid bowed. Wow, he
:iconaylna:Aylna 94 15
Protect || Pipe Fox x Reader
The sun softly shone through the shojis of your room. It was a peaceful autumn Sunday morning, the room warm, but not too warm, just right since the paper doors were still open from last night.
You liked having the moonlight shining into your room.
Of course it was chilly; it was still early, the sun barely having reached up the sky but shone nonetheless indirectly into your room, making your eyes squint slightly.
Something soft tickled your neck and a person shifted a little bit in your arms, trying to make themselves more comfortable.
You cracked one eye open and were greeted by the Pipe Fox' light mop of hair as he snuggled closer to you, a tiny sigh out of bliss escaping his slim lips that were pressed against your scapula. His frail arms were loosely wrapped around your middle as you felt how his very own lips twitched up into a small smile, the fox ears starting to twitch slightly – which was your weakness when it came to him, seriously – as they caught the sound of t
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 157 34
Castiel x demon!reader ~ Songfic ~ Counting stars
Counting stars ~ one republic
you smirked lightly at the angel before you, petting his head.
"You know what I am...Why haven't you killed me yet...?"
Castiel looked up to you, your hand falling to his cheek.
He instinctively nuzzled your hand, and placed his hands on yours.
"Dean tells me it's love."
You scoffed, taking your hand off of him.
"You can't love me. Won't your father get mad at you?"
He nodded his head, "probably, but I can help you."
You tilted your head, "how so?"
"You want a purpose, yes?"
You stayed quiet before nodding, more to yourself then Castiel.
"Your purpose is to help Sam and Dean Winchester with me."
You let out a loud laugh, "I already knew that!"
He looked at you seriously, "help guide them to their destiny."
You stopped laughing and looked at him with your eyebrow raised, "you're joking."
Castiel shook his head, no.
"They wont know you're a demon, and your purpose will keep you on track."
"My purpose will be the death of me."
"I'll protect you."
You smirked
:iconxxxmrsuchihaxxx:xXxMrsUchihaxXx 614 237
Kickass Daughter (Fathers!Dean/Cas X Reader)
"Hey baby, c'mere a second!" Dean called from the kitchen. His husband appeared a mere moment later, his hair damp from the shower. "Yes?" He asked, tilting his head in the way that made Dean weak in the knees. The hunter reached out and grabbed his ex-angel's hand, pulling him over. His hands snaked under Castiel's bottom and Dean lifted him up onto the counter top. Cas smiled softly when Dean leaned in for a kiss, his arms locking around his husband's neck and Dean's hands sliding down to his hips.
"Get a room you too."
Dean laughed and pulled away, turning around to wave at his smiling daughter. "Honey, when grownups love each other very much-" (Name)'s hands flew up to her ears and she glared at her pop. "Don't even go there, I'm leaving, I'm leaving." She informed, hurrying out of the room.
Castiel and Dean chuckled before finishing what they started.
"Run Pop, it'll kill you!" (Name) shouted as the dog chased her. "Ha ha." Dean pouted. He knew Sam was telling her all these stor
:iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 600 140


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5 random facts about me:
1. I am bibi meaning I am both bipolar and bisexual
2. I am the whitest nigga you will ever meet
3. I have six nationally
4. I fucking love marvel and DC
5. I'm have been in a asylum before (like half of my fucking life)  

Questions: (tagged by :iconm-arriott:)

1. what was your first anime?

2. say something embarassing that you did
Run is a fucking glass sliding door

3. who are your senpais?
What the fuck is that?

4. how many points on dA do you have? 2 I think you like tea and scones?
Yes wuv them

6. what country are you from?
Land down under

7. have you heard of malaysia and singapore?
Yes, and poor Malaysia with them air lines getting fuck by assholes

8. how old were you when you started watching anime? 8 I think

9. do you rp?

10. do you like curry?
Never have it

My questions:

1. Tell the truth what do you think about me? And why

2. Who your fave marvel or DC character? and why

3. Who your hated marvel or DC character? and why

4. I said you can become anything so you became a?

5. If you became a superhero or villan what will your name be, your power? and why

6. Do you think that Japanese take things to far? And why

7. If you want born in to a different life what will it be? And why

8. What is you thought on life? And why

9. Why do you think the world is what it is? And why

10. What do you think about yourself? And why

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Today is Australia Day so happy birthday Australia I normal not do this since I a aboriginal but what the fuck I will do it so happy birthday to you my love Australia <3 and a happy Australia to all you mates out there and happy birthday to you guys who have a birthday today your lucky now see you all on the flip side
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Notice: Please Watch This Video and share it on your next Journal…

Bad news. Around 11am yesterday morning, the Internet fundamentally changed.

3 Federal judges just sided with Verizon and struck down net neutrality in a court ruling. Basically, because the FCC made some mistakes a few years ago when it implemented it’s Open Internet Order, these judges are now saying that your ISP has the right to throttle, censor, and block Internet content however they choose -- and there’s no one that can stop them.

As of right now, net neutrality is dead. But there’s one way to bring it back. Tell the FCC to clean up their act and restore net neutrality right now.

At this very moment big monopolies like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T are rubbing their hands together like Mr. Burns on the Simpsons and planning their next moves. The Internet tomorrow could look like this: more fees for app developers, blocked content, websites that don’t pay up load super slowly while corporate sites become blazing fast.

If that’s not the Internet you want to see, we need you to join us in fighting this. The FCC could fix this problem easily by reading the law correctly and correcting some of their past mistakes, but they need to hear from Internet users to make this a priority.

Join us in telling the FCC to pull out all the stops to protect the open Internet before it’s too late.

We deserve an Internet that’s open, affordable, and accessible. We need an Internet that allows us to communicate, express ourselves, organize dissent, and share information. The FCC’s job is supposed to be protecting those basic rights. But like any government agency, they’ll only do it if we make them.

Tell the FCC: do your job! Take action right now to protect net neutrality and Internet freedom.

Thanks for all that you do. We’ll keep you posted as this story develops.


Tiffiniy and Evan

Fight for the Future

P.S. This isn’t the end -- it’s the beginning. 2014 will be the year that we define the future of the Internet. We’re ready to fight but we need help. Want to support us? Donate $20 (or more) today!

Please copy and post this in your next journal. )
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Hey guys i will be here with who been hack and how you can stop this.

:iconiiriver-of-blood: and :iconiicreamypastel: has been hacked! She heard that this hacker changed iiCreamyPastel her headline to "FUCK ALL OF YOU" , changed her name to "Penis" and messed up her icon. Most might think this is a regular hacker right? One that hacks only one account? well, WRONG! it turns out this hacker regular hacker right? One that hacks only one account? Why u might ask? Because they got her personal email too.
So cause of this she had to delete her FB account. Scary, isn't it? ;;What makes it even scarier is this hacker is completely unknown. No evidence, no journals, nothing. For now, her main account will be Kamo-shirenai. Please watch her there and help us get her account back and find out who this hacker is. alright now for my part


After seeing what this hacker can do there is a code you can use to keep u and your friends from being hacked but first... this hacker only hacks people who don't know about it so i advise you to spread the word in a journal so he/she wont come and hack u! now for the code ->{Jkk2g67tlah3nm9/:44ffrn':Hzy<findss>gguub16j0} this code has a secret message in it so it can protect you from the hacker. Its better to be safe then sorry. and big thank you to :iconflyingpastakitty:
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I got this from :iconcatkinzs: 

The hacker does penis pictures around in the account page and writes in journals: "I hate you all, go die" And he/she also remove all your watches.

If this happens to me, then you know that isn't me. I write this journal to warn everyone here. Write it yourself on your Page. I think the hackers will not have more fun with hacking you if you and your watchers already know what could happen.

Spread the word!

I heard that there is a hacker going around on Da and hacking people.
I could be the next, or you so be careful.

The hacker does penis pictures around in the account page and writes in journals: "I hate you all, go die" And he/she also remove all your watches.

If this happens to me, then you know that isn't me. I write this journal to warn everyone here. Write it yourself on your Page. I think the hackers will not have more fun with hacking you if you and your watchers already know what could happen.

Apparently, there's a hacker going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends block you, get you in trouble, and could get you banned from DeviantART. If you get this warning, copy and paste this into your Journal and spread this to everyone.


TELL EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST BECAUSE IF SOMEBODY ON YOUR LIST ADDS HIM THEN YOU WILL GET HIM ON YOUR LIST. HE WILL FIGURE OUT YOUR ID COMPUTER ADDRESS, SO COPY AND PASTE THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE EVEN IF YOU DON'T CARE FOR THEM AND FAST BECAUSE IF HE HACKS THEIR EMAIL HE HACKS YOUR MAIL TOO (I think what it means by that is that he could assume the identity of your friends, and FOOL you into opening the letter since you think it's your friend that's sending it )!!...

Anyone using Internet mail such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and so on. This information arrived this morning, Direct from both Microsoft and Norton. Please send it to everybody you know who has access to the Internet. You may receive an apparently harmless e-mail titled 'MailServer Report'

If you open either file, a message will appear on If you open either file, a message will appear on your screen saying: 'It is too late now, your life is no longer beautiful.'

Subsequently you will LOSE EVERYTHING IN YOUR PC,

And the person who sent it to you will gain access to your name, e-mail and password.

This is a new virus which started to circulate on Saturday afternoon. AOL has already confirmed the severity, and the anti virus software's are not capable of destroying it .

The virus has been created by a hacker who calls himself 'life owner'..


Remember, always be careful of messages you receive in email-don't open them unless you're 100% POSITIVE they're safe. If you have even the SLIGHTEST doubt, DON'T open it-DELETE it, it's the smart thing to do!

There is a hacker going around and this one is a bad one.... -.- if he hacks your account he will post pornagraphic pictures especially a male's nether regions. And he will delete all of your watchers and he will write a journal saying "I hate you all. Go die" please if something were to happen to me please understand that I got hacked. As you all know I would never go and tell all of you I hated you all. I love all of my friends to bits. Please spread this around because if he knows you know about him he might not hack you. I'm not worried about this hacker but I'm his making sure I want to ensure my safety.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
G'day I'm Death Shizuka Kira Nate Hio

School Life:

Are you doing well?: i guess i get A + and nothing else
Do you hate any teachers?: YES.
Which teacher do you hate?: all my teachers because they are dicks
What is your favorite subject?: Language, ITC and sose also art
Do you get into fights with people at your school?: yes
Do you have many friends?: yes
Do you hate any subjects?: almost all subjects
Who is your favorite teacher?: my study teacher
Do you ever not want to go to school?: yes
What is your school like?: the guys
Have you ever gotten teased?: no but i do give people who do get pick on

Personal Life:

How many siblings do you have?: only frost brother and sisters
Are your parents divorced?: my real parents are die
Do you have any step-parents?: no but i do have frost parents
Do you have any pets?: two dog, three cats and a snake
What do you do in your free time?: Either write fanfictions, read, draw, play with my dogs, go on deviantART, or watch T.V.
What is your favorite color?: dark colours
Do you have a job?: yes and when i get out of school i get to do it ore
Do you hang out with friends afterschool?: yes
What are your hobbies?: killing
What is your favorite sport?: boxing

Sexual Life:

What is your sexuality?: bi
Do you support gays?: Yes. Gay marriage FTW!!
Have you ever had sex?: yes many times
Have you ever received or given oral sex?: yes
Have you ever masturbated?: yes
Have you ever been sexually attracted to someone or something?: Anime boys, australian, scottish, Irel ,welsh, german and sometimes british
Do you wish to have sex at some point?: i have sex every day so the ask is no
Have you ever watched porn?: I'm only pervy with yaoi. or yuri or hentai also tentalces porn but i watch all kinds of porn

DeviantART Life:

Do you like to go in deviantART?: I'm friggin' ADDICTED to it, man!
What do you do mostly on deviantART?: anything
Why do you like deviantART?: don't know
Do you have anybody special on here that you would like to talk about?: yes but the one i love the most is :iconmoonlightwolf15:
Do you favorite a lot of artwork?: yes
How much time do you spend on deviantART?: all day, every day

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