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When you smile in the Darkness... by DeathDriver86 When you smile in the Darkness... :icondeathdriver86:DeathDriver86 19 0 The wrong neighborhood... by DeathDriver86 The wrong neighborhood... :icondeathdriver86:DeathDriver86 13 5 A new day - A new Adventure! by DeathDriver86 A new day - A new Adventure! :icondeathdriver86:DeathDriver86 2 0 The Helendorf Inn - Lobby coat of arms by DeathDriver86 The Helendorf Inn - Lobby coat of arms :icondeathdriver86:DeathDriver86 4 0 Pokemon Go Friendship by DeathDriver86 Pokemon Go Friendship :icondeathdriver86:DeathDriver86 2 1
Father's Day
Growing up, I sincerely looked up to my father. He had an excellent job, and always worked as much as he could. His deep work ethic was admirable, but also the Achilles's heel of his marriage. My mother, being the vagrant she was back then, took the opportunity to see other men while my father toiled away on overtime. I may be rambling here but bear with me.
Despite the fact my parents had a falling out, among other problems and issues that can be explored at a later time, I did retain his hard working mentality. With that, I also studied and followed closely to the mistakes each of them made that ultimately ruined their union. In other words they taught me so much more than they intended. And for that one fact, I guess you could say I'm thankful; but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Fatherhood isn't easy, an understatement to say the least. But at the same time it really isn't that difficult. As long as you understand the basic needs and requirements to having a family, there's only
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literary Assassin
This is just a random submission of my response to a topic on a social media page that I Admin on. Little significance, but sharing it nonetheless.
"Jealousy blinds the weak willed into empty and shallow stains of society. It is this lack of self control over emotions that are invalid, that mocks an entire community and it's leaders. These miscreants make false judgements upon those who are better than them in several ways, in a sad attempt to make their own lackluster existence seem unique and worthwhile. While they feel it's justified in their own twisted way, all it serves in accomplishing, is debilitating themselves into a smaller pile of shame.
What does it gain you, to act this way towards an icon of the community? What do you hope to accomplish? Is it some sort of righteous quest you feel the need to fulfill? Or is it perhaps your insecurities and lack of skill in the game that drive you on? Regardless, the outcome of your tantrums and arguments will always be the same; you will
:icondeathdriver86:DeathDriver86 1 1
Full Circle
Join me in my wonderment
Of the creation of a life
Creation that astounds us all
Even with the most detailed of studies
Love comes in many, many forms
Yet one holds the greatest form of all
Now my life is forever changed
Resting now, is my wife
A long days work is done
You put up one hell of a fight
Standing now with you in my arms
Miracles don't compare to you
I love how your tiny hand grasps my finger
Tightly embracing your new existence
Here in this room, your journey has begun
:icondeathdriver86:DeathDriver86 0 3
A reflection of the past...
Hello Darkness, my old friend; I've come to speak with you again...
Greetings fellow Deviantart users, it's been quite some time hasn't it? If you have some time to spare, grab a chair and join me as I delve into the past four years. There's much to tell, and much to reflect upon. Let us begin.
During my last few days of being active here in 2012, I had been experiencing some serious life-altering events. I had met my soon to be wife, had begun plans of making a major move from the state I lived in, as well as experiencing a severe case of...maturity.
I made the move early in the following year of 2013, down south to Georgia. This decision came about due to the easier cost of living, as living where I was up north, was almost financially impossible. Also I had some family in the south, who helped me and my wife get our own family on our feet. It was a struggle to say the least, but hurdle after hurdle, we grew stronger and stronger.
2014 was an eventful year for us; good and bad. A maj
:icondeathdriver86:DeathDriver86 1 0
The Shroud - Part 1
The Shroud - Part 1
Location: Unknown
Time: 3am Sunday morning
The light from the computer screen reflected off the windows, as the wind and rain howled outside. The single screen did little to illuminate the dark office, aside from the occasional flash of lightning. The storm was picking up in intensity and showed little signs of stopping anytime soon. A man sat in front of the computer and began typing furiously with gloved hands, and with a purpose. Codes and algorithms filled the screen, one page after another. The lines of code filtering off the lenses of his dark tinted glasses, he moved with a supernatural speed, taking down one firewall at a time. The wind grew louder and much fiercer now, which only drove the man to type even faster. The storm was coming closer, and his window of opportunity was quickly closing.
Minutes became hours, but to the man time wasn't his main concern. Suddenly the screen began to flash as the final firewall was taken apart, and a new window popped up
:icondeathdriver86:DeathDriver86 3 4
The road before me is riddled with choices of good and evil. To choose the correct path is damn near impossible, but to overcome the obstacles with each choice is beyond trying to my resolve. I may not always be right with my decisions, but one thing is for certain; I am stronger from facing them head on. I refuse to accept defeat, even when the odds are clearly stacked against me. This may be due to pride, or the fact that I just will not face the inevitable fact of my innate ignorance. Be that as it may I push on and never look back.
But the roads are getting darker now, no light to guide me, no textbooks to offer sage and comforting advice. I am aiming in the black and hoping to hit my target point blank; a combination that to some will equal only complete and utter failure. But as I mentioned, my refusal to accept defeat grants me an uncanny strength to press on regardless of what the outcome may be. This particular situation has been encountered before, but this time so
:icondeathdriver86:DeathDriver86 2 1
Man in the Moon
Man in the Moon
A young boy settles under the covers after a long and eventful day of fun and adventure. His mother walks into the room, gently kicking his various toys aside that he had forgotten to put away. She settled down on the side of his bed, leaned over and kissed his forehead. "Good night my little man" she said, her smile sweet and loving. The boy tried to hide his smile but allowed it to break through and said "Good night Mom".
His mother got up from the bed, and began to retrace her steps carefully out of her messy son's room. As she got to the doorway, she went to turn off the lights. As her fingers touched the switch, her son cried out "No! Leave the light on! The monsters will come out and get me!" Her hand froze as she began to think of something to calm her young boys' nerves. Then she got an idea.
She walked back to the bed, and nestled along side her son again and took his hand in hers. "There was a story my mother told me, and her mother told her, and so on. A bedt
:icondeathdriver86:DeathDriver86 2 2
Java Love
Java Love
I sip the mug
Lifting me up!
Overcome the day!
Victory is certain!
Ecstasy in a bean!
Caffeine flows thru me now!
Oh the work is so easy!
Flavors are endless!
Feels…like it's leaving...
End of the rush…
Eh…I need another cup
:icondeathdriver86:DeathDriver86 1 10
Beware the Will-o'-the-Wisp
-Beware the Will-o'-the-Wisp-
Follow the voices, into the dark
The howling wind, heed its' bark
The foul stench, of a nearby bog
Watch thy step, and avoid the fog
Ethereal spirits, do roam these parts
Promising love, life, money or marks
Ignore and dispel, these prophets of ill
Lest you sign the bottom of your will
They follow shadows; chill your spines
Whisper sweet nothings; shatter the mind
A wicked curse, binds them to our plane
Once noble souls, now chaotically insane
They feed on your fear, nightmares as well
Growing in power, to manifest your hell
Dancing lights will flicker, and will fade
Move quickly and sound, or meet your fate
Heed this warning; Clear your thoughts
For ignorance is futile; Hope will be lost
I tell you this now, as you enter the void
The will-o'-the-wisps, you should avoid
:icondeathdriver86:DeathDriver86 2 6
Mature content
Eclectic Euphoria :icondeathdriver86:DeathDriver86 1 1
Deaths Hand - Chapter 04
Deaths Hand
Chapter 4: Tools of the Trade
"So I'm working for you." Kyle repeated to himself. "And what exactly am I going to be doing?"
Death closed the book, ending the loud dust storm and put it back into its shroud and folded both of its bony hands together. "In recent events, with all of your foolish wars and conflicts, the demand for collecting the souls of those who chose no path is high. Your duties are to assist me in collecting them and bringing them here." It gestured to the hellish landscape around them. "My collection has no limit, and my work is never done."
The screams of the lost and tormented wailed louder in the distance as a flash of crimson lightning lit the bloody skies. "You were chosen for your…abilities." Death explained. Kyle stared directly into the void filled eye sockets of Death with a serious look. "What the hell are you talking about?" he asked, making sure to add emphasis when saying 'hell'.
Death shook its hooded head. "That will be explained in du
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Enjoy your loved ones everyday you're granted to be with them. For our time on this world is limited, and can be taken in an instant. Let them know you love them. Make them feel loved. Never end the day angry.


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Welcome to my Deviant Art Profile!

I myself, am considered to be an interesting author. I pretend to me modest, but many times have impressed even myself with what I put on paper. Needless to say I am certain of my abilities to wow the mind and soul with the ever changing art of words.

Now onto my Deviant Details:


Requests: I do requests as I get them, and complete them in the order I receive them so be patient. Don't be shy if you want something written, I really don't mind at all. If you want something written, please send me a message with the following:

Basis- What you want it to be about, subject, topic, etc.
Names- Who do you want it about?
Location- Where would you like it to take place?
And any other information you'd like me to know in making the work to your liking.

I do NOT charge Points! If you want to give me points for your Request, I will accept them; but it isn't required.

I rarely turn anything down. In the RARE event that I do, I will send you a reply with a detailed description as to why.

Challenges: From time to time, Writers Block will get to me. At this time I'll ask you, the DA community/watchers to give me a topic to write. Take this time to challenge me with something you feel would be difficult. And when it is completed, I will Feature it for all to critique and comment on.

Watches: I watch people for their art and their work. If you'd like me to Watch, feel free to ask.

Badges: Llamas are great. I give them to everyone I watch. I want them too, so if you don't mind taking the time by all means send one my way. Also, anyone I Watch/Watches me gets one by default. Also any 'other' Badges you want to send will be greatly appreciated! :)

Favorites: If I favorite your work, know that I am really impressed with it. I don't Favorite random things. If I did to a piece of your art, that means a job well done. As far as my stuff, if you don't like it, don't favor it. And if you do favor it, let me know why.

Points/Donations: I do not donate points, as I do not have any. The only thing I will purchase on here is a DA Hoodie. If you want to donate, by all means donate. I wont ask you to.

My Work: Will mostly consist of Literature. Occasionally some pictures here and there, mostly camera shots, but for the most part writing. Don't ask me to draw you wont be pretty.

Favorite Art Styles

* BIG fan of Sonic style artwork. Been a Sonic fan since I was a kid, and still am to this day.

*Eldritch Horror/Cthulhu Mythos

* Cars, Art of cars, Pictures of cars.

* Comics, Literature, Photography.

That's about it I guess. Anything else you want to know, message me.


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