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For users below Windows 10 Anniversary Update(Including Windows 8.1, 8 and 7): Please upgrade to Windows Powershell 5.1 to use this Visualizer.

Download for non-deviants: DOWNLOAD

Successor to the ASimpleVisualizer, this features poly and round visualizer and an improved settings menu. Well like I said before, it does more than the preview shows.

Thanks for visiting.

  • sceleri for settings, ideas, and beta testing
  • Jax for testing and ideas
  • sctnf for transformation matrices that make rotation possible.
  • Kodikuu for the original pyvector-pyside6.
  • frgnca for AudioDeviceCmdlets which makes it possible to choose audio devices.
  • khanhas for PowershellRM
  • And other developers whose plugin I use in original and integrated skins.
  • And last but not the least, the Rainmeter team, which made it possible.
Change log:

  •     Fixed a little bug where you couldn't change VectorBar preset's layer colors.
  •     Changed how AudioDeviceCmdlts is implemented.
  •     Fixed a bug in rotation of image underlay.
  •     Fixed a bug resulting in DeviceID not changing properly.
  •     Fixed color picker.
  •     Fixed vector layer color not changing.
  •     Took the vector Color Mode setting to Extra tab.

  •     Fixed initial ImageUnderlay path.
  •     Fixed generator script regarding rotation.

If you liked my work consider a donation at:
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Hey i wanted to know what the girl wallpaper was i really liked it!

Marvellous!! 😀

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Glad you liked it!

Vraiment super ! Toutes les possibilités de paramétrages sont infinies.

Un super boulot.

Merci encore ;)

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Merci pour le compliment.

Content que tu aies aimé!


When I use the image underlay function, this skin causes about 80% of my CPU. How can I fix this?

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Use hardware acceleration...

You can find this setting in settings tab of Manage window.

it seems that my laptop doesn't have hardware acceleration :((( I have tried many ways to find it but the Internet informs that hardware acceleration is not applied in my laptop

oh, thank you very much .It worked😊 Love your skin btw

normally, it just uses only about 10 percent of my CPU without using image underlay

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It uses 6 or 7 for me, unless you are using reflection type or a lot of bars.

Not working for me after i restarted my pc. Was working fine before that

Tried unloading and loading it again but no luck.

Okey fixed it lol, Just had to turn off rainmeter audio and then turn it back on!

deathcrafter18's avatar

LMAO... Okay glad you got it working... 😂

Загрузил, установил, запустил работает нажал настроить крах программы! Rainmeter вечный крах, удалил папку с шкурой всё снова заработало.

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Sorry, didn't get you... Rainmeter crashes after you run my skin? It's the first report like this but could you give me some more info?

Also try to run Rainmeter with hardware acceleration on, just in case. It's in settings tab.

Thanks for using and reporting.

спасибо, включение аппаратного ускорения помогло.

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Def. one of the best visualizers around. My #1 Favorite currently! I actually had to go do some learning (Window Function) to be sure I was customizing it to the maximum amount available . Thank you!!

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Thank you for the compliment, DarkDarwin.

But to be honest I don't know a thing about Window Function apart from the fact that they are some cool filters, kekw.

One of the best visualizers!! I love it, thanks man!

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Really appreciate the comment. 😊

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When LanoVisualizer eating my CPU like crazy, I tried tons of other visualizer for replace.

When I tried this, only one word to say - AWESOME!!! :woohoo:

Tons of customization without eating CPU. Great work mate.:strong:

I have one request - Can you add option to see the shadow of pulsing bar when it falling

(like Fountain of Colors, desktop music visualizer) ?


Just an openion. Even without it, this one is our favourite.:love:

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