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TF Legacy: Sunstreaker alt - Troodon

Because I watched some show... uuuuuuh March of the Dinosaurs i think? They featured Troodons as a focus species and they became my favourite Dinosaurs, and for whatever reason I decided that's what Sunstreaker and Sideswipe's alt modes would be.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Aventadors, and i still want them to BE Aventadors at some stage, but... for their origin story and before earth? They're goddamn TRoodons (Except not, because in Cybertronian terms they're 'RotoRaptors' ).

i had too much fun with the mechanical pencils. So much in fact I went all out drawing in an A3 sketchbook rather than A4 (Because my hand was like 'pfffffff I ain't proportioning shit THAT small, gimmie SPACE for this shit yo) sooooooo that's why it's a totally shitty quality scan because A3 paper + A4 scanner = Problems.

But you can see most of the details so should be ok really.

RIGHT well, one more Sunny themed sketch to put up, and the next one comes with storytime and the background stuff and everything. Yey. I'm just copy-pasting it from Tumblr though K? K.

TF belong Hastak, Legacy is my creation.
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