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WARRIORS AU: Chapter 3


WARRIORS AU: Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3 Jonathan sat atop his garden fence, the sun growing hot on his fur as he sun-bathed. He stared out into the forest. News had spread like wildfire for about 2 years that new Clan cats now ruled the forest since the original Clan cats had left because of the housefolk destroying their home. But the housefolk had stopped their production of destroying the forest after the Clans had left. All this had happened when Jonathan was just a kit, but he had heard stories from the Clan cats that had stayed behind when their Clans had left the forest to find a new home, and came to live in town. Those Clan cats would never return either way. Jonathan thought to himself. “Heya, Jonathan.” A familiar came, making Jonathan prick his ears. A very pretty purplish-gray tabby she-cat with light purplish-gray paws, chest, and muzzle, with speckles along her back and her sides of light purplish-gray jumped up on the fence and sat besides Jonathan. “Hey, Silver.” Jonathan said, looking into

WARRIORS AU: Chapter 2


WARRIORS AU: Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2 “Cherrypaw!” A voice interrupted Cherrypaw’s dream of hunting a squirrel. “Cherrypaw! Wake up! Our mentors are waiting for us.” Came Blackpaw's voice. Cherrypaw woke, easily forgetting she was now an apprentice. She shook the moss from her fur and followed Blackpaw out of the apprentice’s den. “About time you were up.” Plumberry said, coming over to Cherrypaw. “Sorry.” Cherrypaw apologized. “It’s alright. I understand getting used to a new den is difficult, but next time I expect better and that you will be up in time.” Plumberry meowed. “I will, don’t worry.” Cherrypaw replied. There was silence between the mentor and apprentice. “Ready for your first day of training?” Plumberry asked her new apprentice. “Totally!” Cherrypaw exclaimed. “Alright, let’s go then.” Plumberry replied. Coldness crept under Cherrypaw’s pelt. “Are we going out right now?” She asked. “The sooner we begin your training, the better.” Plumberry meowed, “Patrols have recognized StormClan’s scent as near

WARRIORS AU: Chapter 1


WARRIORS AU: Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1 6 moons later…. Cherrykit laid beneath her mother’s belly, all warm and snuggled in between her two siblings. She mewed as Blackkit rolled over on top of her. “Blackkit!” She snapped, “Get off!” Bramblecloud licked Cherrykit solfy on her head. “Cherrykit, quiet down. You’ll wake the whole camp up.” “Sorry, Mama.” Cherrykit answered. She wiggled out from underneath her brother and crept across the nursery to the entrance. As she gazed out at waking camping, she could see her father, Nightheart, the deputy of FeatherClan, rounding cats up for the dawn patrol. Cherrykit tried to meet his gaze but he was far too busy that he didn’t see her and headed out of camp with the patrol. He never comes to see us anymore. Does he even care about us? Cherrykit thought. Cherrykit headed back to her nest when she spotted Swiftkit staring at her from his nest next to his mother, Dawncloud. “What are you doing up so early?” He teased, jumping out of his nest. “Watching the dawn patrol leave.




PROLOGUE The moon shone high in the sky, casting a washy and somewhat eerie glow on the forest floor below. Sleek shapes moved fluidly through camp, all eyes staring at the nursery. Among those in the nursery, a pretty bright flame-colored she-cat stood by a dark brown tabby she-cat who was heaving and contracting from kitting. “Almost there, Bramblecloud.” The pretty bright flamed-colored she-cat purred. “This hurts so bad, Fireberry! When will it be over?” Bramblecloud snapped. Fireberry licked her, “Soon, my daughter.” Bramblecloud convulsed in pain as a kit tumbled into the nest she laid in. The flame-colored she-cat began to lick the kit quickly. “A she-kit!” She announced, excitedly. This was her first time helping a queen who was kitting. She placed the kit next Bramblecloud’s belly. Bramblecloud heaved heavy again and another kit tumbled into the nest. “A tom!” Fireberry announced. She quickly gave the kit a couple of licks before placing it next to the other kit. Fireberry

WARRIORS AU: The Beginning to A New Start


WARRIORS AU: The Beginning to A New Start

Many moons and for many years, the forest was ruled by four Clans; ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, and WindClan. ThunderClan ruled the denese woodland. ShadowClan ruled the marshland. RiverClan ruled on the edge of the trees, near a tumbling river that flowed out of a dark ravine. WindClan ruled the sweeping moorland. The four Clans ruled the forest for years and years until the Twolegs came and destroyed what they once called their home. The four Clans were forced to move far away from the forest to a new territory that is still unknown by many. Some say they moved to a lake and set up new territories. Others say they went to live with Twolegs. It is still unknown where they have gone. The forest, now partly destroyed, lay silence. The Twolegs had abandoned their idea of destroying the forest and left what was left of the damage they had caused. Many moons later, four cats came into the forest from Twolegplace to see what they had done. Feather, a gray tabby,, was the first to set
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Welcome To My Page Paradox

☁ 𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗠𝗲 ☁

💀 Name: Vapor/Luke

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💀 Gender: Trans male/Genderfluid

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❤️ Being a furry

❤️ Being an atheist

❤️ Being gay 🏳️‍🌈

❤️ My friends

❤️ Drawing

❤️ Deathstep and vaporwave music

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❤️ Pup play

❤️ Warrior cats

❤️ Wolves, cats, and Dobermans

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❤️ Video games such as Undertale

❤️Anthros/ferals characters


💔 Being called queer (I will block you if you call/relate me to be being queer! I do not accept the word and never will!)

💔 Religion (I will respect your beliefs if you respect mine!)

💔 Assumptions of anything about me

💔 Pedophillas/MAPs

💔 Homophobes/Heterophobes/Cisphobes/Transphobes/People that are anti-LGBTAP+ (Leave my page if you are against any sexuality/gender identity! I don't want you here and either does anyone else!)

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💔 Anime

💔 Money only P2U bases (I think this is very unfair especially when there is an option to convert points to money.)

💔 Pastel colors (Ew, that and they hurt my eyes and I can't see them. All I see it just white.)

💔Human/humaniod characters

Quotes I live by

  • "You take risks to protect the ones you love."

  • "All homo, no romo."

  • "Art is NOT a luxury and never should be!"

  • "Who cares if I'm a negative person? The one. No one should care about what others are in life."


  • "Love is love."

  • "Life sucks. Deal with it."

  • "Pronouns are and never should be gendered! You can be any gender and use any pronouns you want. You are NOT limited!"

  • "Sex and gender are two different things."

  • "No, I don't need religion in my life."

  • "Time is NOT money unless you get paid by the hour."

  • You need gender dysphoria to be transgender, sorry!

  • Non-binary and transgender are two DIFFERENT things! They're NOT the same!

Stamps I live by

[Stamp] Don't call me Q*eer
It Pronouns
im not using your neopronouns
Hear me out
you need dysphoria to be trans
The MOGAI are cancer

Donation Pool

Donation Pool

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Don't buy P2U bases with points on DA. I bought a base and never got it via downloading, but it still took my points. It even sent me a receipt saying I bought it. The download button does not work! The base creator hasn't been active since May 2020
Looking for two sided (SFW and NSFW) dakimakura art commissions! Please be under $100, so for the two pieces would be about $50 each. Must be able to draw anthro/furry male characters! Must be 18+ to apply! Note me if interested!

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hey, I was just randomly wondering, is there gonna be a chance of you possibly coming back at some point in time?

again, just curious.

We'll see, idk if I really want to return due to new stuff DA added, especially with comission widgets and you needing core to gain your earnings.

ah oki

also wait what-?

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