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joy by deathbystarfish joy :icondeathbystarfish:deathbystarfish 1 0 ice tree by deathbystarfish ice tree :icondeathbystarfish:deathbystarfish 0 2
every shade of orange
i cannot remember the boy’s name.
i grasp at spider web wisps of faded memories
of his face, of his clothes,
all I can see is orange.
the only concrete images I can recall
are that of his thick rimmed glasses
as he read his poems,
his fingers as they held a clove cigarette
to his lips after class;
he smelled like soap and cloves
and laughed without using his eyes.
the rest of my memories of him
are the orchestrations flowing from his mouth:
sunset soaked streets
that criss-cross under fading suns,
raw sienna dirt under gnawed fingernails
and dead ochre and vermillion leaves skittering across
hard asphalt.
i picture jack-o-lanterns gently flickering on all hallows’ eve
sweet tangerines on kitchen cutting boards.
I imagine autumn
and every shade of orange.
But I cannot recall his face.
:icondeathbystarfish:deathbystarfish 0 2
How to Use MySpace to Slowly Kill Yourself
Ana and Mia are best friends
Best Friends! they tell each other.
friends until the end!
they hook their pinkies and kiss their fists
and type their passwords into myspace.
warped and blurred reflections
funhouse mirror images
they take pictures
in the bathroom mirrors
an attempt at photographing
their insides
which have started to poke through
their tautly stretched flesh.
post pictures of their progress
to their ideal skeletal state
still frames of ribcages
vicious hip bones
barely covered by skin.
hide and seek
from all of us
but their
community of skeletons
with nothing but encouragement
to be a bag of bones
they wither away to nothing
convinced of beauty
only the dead appreciate
:icondeathbystarfish:deathbystarfish 7 6
field grass by deathbystarfish field grass :icondeathbystarfish:deathbystarfish 0 1 devil by deathbystarfish devil :icondeathbystarfish:deathbystarfish 0 4 andy's the wall by deathbystarfish andy's the wall :icondeathbystarfish:deathbystarfish 0 2 billy and yannon by deathbystarfish billy and yannon :icondeathbystarfish:deathbystarfish 0 0 cory by deathbystarfish cory :icondeathbystarfish:deathbystarfish 1 0 mahlon by deathbystarfish mahlon :icondeathbystarfish:deathbystarfish 1 1 chad by deathbystarfish chad :icondeathbystarfish:deathbystarfish 0 0
gentlemen prefer blondes
give my regards
to Norma Jean
the orphan Annie
of the movie screen.
the boys hang themselves
mommy's been committed.
she's a ward
of the state
a blushing bride
at sweet sixteen.
it says so here
in the Blue Book
how to cut and dye your hair
she told me
to wear chanel no. 5 in bed
but she wasn't wearing anything
when they found her
facedown in Nembutal
there's no business like show business.
:icondeathbystarfish:deathbystarfish 0 0
Mature content
girl6 :icondeathbystarfish:deathbystarfish 2 6
candy darling on her deathbed
Candy was just
too beautiful
too talented
to go back to Jimmy
and his old ways.
Candy's mother told her so.
She left him behind
and turned to the doctor
on Fifth Avenue
to make the outside
match the inside.
She walked in
leaving Hope
on the doorstep.
White infected
and overpowered red.
Full on estrogen
and sugar sweetness,
gloriously thrashing
on her deathbed.
She's so dramatic
with roses and peonies
strewn across the
hospital mattress.
She'll be so cinematic
in black and white
at the 10th of Always.
Her face for the world to see.
:icondeathbystarfish:deathbystarfish 1 0
it wasn't what he wanted---
it wasn't what he wanted to hear
"what would you do?"
my father's question
resounded in my mind.
i didn't respond.
my brother
his 6 foot frame
and puffed out his chest.
"i just hope
i wouldn't be a coward
hiding beneath a desk
while boxes of bullets
sprayed my classmates."
he clenched his fist
his muscles rippled under his shirt.
"i would try to subdue him.
take him out."
i pictured my younger brother,
my blonde Apollo brother
raging with testosterone
and heroism
rushing towards
a 9mm
aimed directly
at his 19 year old chest.
i saw an entire life
of optimism and success
shot to pieces.
my throat closed.
my father
looked proudly
at his son.
"well, daddy,"
i spoke up finally
and they turned
to look my way,
"i would probably die."
he was silent.
"daddy, i would die
trying to
help the injured-
my friends and classmates-
bleeding on the floor.
i would probably die
trying to save my own brother."
:icondeathbystarfish:deathbystarfish 0 3
Visualization of the Week
On Monday
I stand north-faced
With my week all laid out
To the right.
But Tuesday
I stand facing south
With the week
now to the left
Wednesday is peculiar
For I am elevated now
I land on my feet
Turned eastward bound
I look straight down
As if gazing at the calendar
While Saturday
I stand in
Now turned to the west
To look at Sunday
In which I have never walked
But always seem to watch
Melt back into Monday.
:icondeathbystarfish:deathbystarfish 0 0



United States
Current Residence: Kent.
Favourite genre of music: punk. classic rock. ska. screamo.
Favourite cartoon character: Link. Sora. Calvin and Hobbes. Blooregard Q. Kazoo. Stewie. Alice. Jack Skellington.
Personal Quote: The one you love and the one who loves you are never ever the same person.
i obviously do not use this site anymore, but i am not dead.

just elsewhere.

maybe ill come back one day?

probably not because i now know of all the plagiarism and out right theft that this website enables.

but i will give you a quick update since my last post like 2 years ago:
-jake has long since been out of my life. turns out he was just using me to get over his ex-fiance. hes now engaged to some random troll faced bartender with three kids from 2 different guys. so i feel that is his karma, ya know? OH and not long after my last post, i fell at chipotle and broke my ankle. i had to have surgery to have 9 screws and a plate put in. i went to hawaii after i got out of my cast. it was awesome.

i have since begun a relationship with my best friend and we have been together for over a year. we live together too. i bought a condo, and we will be living there shortly. i have been working full time since i graduated. i have 2 cats in addition to my 2 chinchillas. my parents ended their 30 year marriage, and i am still coming to terms with it. every day is a challenge bc i work for my dad. blech.

im in graduate school for art therapy. i have since begun working in sculpture and ceramics. i absolutely love it. for extra money i have begun commissioning myself out to make art work, and my serial killer story is currently in pre-pre-production to be made into a short film.

so im not dead. far from it.



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When can we expect the book written in diary entries?
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