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The Overwatch

The Transhuman arm of the Combine Overwatch. The Combine Soldier is tougher, stronger, better equipped and better trained than the Standard Civil Protection Officer. Joining the Combine Army is largely voluntary although Citizens have reported friends & family being detained and dragged away for "Overwatch training".

Combine Soldiers are literally stripped of their humanity. Memories of their former life are either erased or suppressed, and most of the vital organs are removed and replaced with Combine tech.
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the citizen's are in fear as if a civil protection force wasn't enough, they are witnessing heavily armed units as if it was martial law.
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Awesome work!
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The Orange Box was/is an awesome game but I still can't beat the part where the Combine invades the camp site towards the end! Love this artwork
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Hate to nag, but is this skin publicly avaliable, or what? It looks much betetr than the default one, and I'd love to use it.
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Here you go.


Just put the files into Materials/Models/Combine_Soldier/ and you'll be all set.

Fun fact: This skin is Zeemlapje's interpretation of the Combine Soldiers from the early Episode 1 screenshots. Apparently it was a test skin by Valve that's never been released.
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Awesome, thanks. Now I just need to find a decent OW Elite skin that doesn't look like a marshmallow and I'll be set.
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Very nice skin. :)
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Fantastic, as usual.
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love the lighting in this one
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This skin is great. Do tell me, is it avaliable for download? Also, and EOW version would be lovely, I hate the damned marshmallows.
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