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Hat tip to YoritomoDaishogun ( for this idea. It's a simple idea: following his example, I'm recommending some artists whose visibility I think could use a bump! And as he stipulated, I'll be recommending only users with fewer than 1000 watchers. Let's recommend! 1: ~YoritomoDaishogun ( I only recently started following him, but I like his stuff. In his gallery you'll find a lot of medieval and fantasy pieces, all with a grounding in realism and/or history. His latest project is redesigning characters (e.g. Asuna from Sword Art Online) in his style with an emphasis on practicality, which is a cool idea. 2: :iconbyombu: Ten hundred million

Survey Results: Sasha Braus Style Selector

Survey Results: Sasha Braus Style Selector

Sasha Braus Style Selector Artist's Notes Hairstyle References Survey Thanks to everyone who took the Sasha style survey! Let's get the Sasha style selector up in here for reference and take a look at the poll results: The first graph shows which styles respondents selected when they could choose as many styles as they wanted. The second graph shows the results when respondents had to pick a single favorite. As you can see, J was the runaway favorite no matter how you slice it, and B, G, and K also garnered consistently high popularity, whether as first choices or general likes. And if you look closer, the data reveals some interesting t

Sasha Braus Style Selector - Artist's Notes

Sasha Braus Style Selector - Artist's Notes

You've seen the Sasha Braus style selector, right? And taken the favorite styles survey? Well, now you have. Perfect! I was really pleased with how this one came out. For starters, I actually did some research and picked styles specifically to complement Sasha's face shape. I guess most anime characters will have heart-shaped faces for stylistic reasons, but still! The preliminary work went a long way into making this a better piece. A few hairstyles surprised me with how much I ended up liking them. B, for instance: it was fun to draw all those sharp flicks and the different shapes at play in the style, and I like the bangs in Sasha's eye

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Are your quight sure you want draw me?

Can you tell me something for important?

Thanks for the favs!

Thanks for the journal fave.:D

Sure thing, lots of cool ideas in there. I may have occasion to use the swarm-of-animate-bones thing with my own RPG crew within the next few sessions!

Heh. Glad these could inspire then.^^ And the thing is, these were mostly categories. There could be lots of specialized actual units within each category, eh? Heck, could make an entire necronomicon from this. XD And by your words, I'm assuming you mean D&D session. Well, with that in mind...

you have nice works ~