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Am I the only one that thinks the new Dante figure looks a bit like Frank's Conan? 
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You are right! Nice render!
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Now that I've looked up Dante 7, yeah, I can see it. He's got the early 20th Century "strongman" build, so it's closer to the really old Weird Tales illustrations, I think, but he definitely makes a great base for any Frazetta-style Conan. The Ace Books paperback Conan the Adventurer was my first Robert E. Howard book as a kid. It had as a cover the painting this is inspired by. You've done a great job here. :)

Come to think of it, Dante would also be a good base for an Ernie Chan-style Conan, which is very similar to Frank's, but has an almost American Indian-look to it, too.
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Thanks, I think Frank's Conan is also a little American Indian through the face as well. The new Dante actually reminds me of  Earl Norem's Conan a little bit through the face and I actually had an Earl Norem inspiration piece also while doing this and used it for the facial expression. 
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OMG  You are awesome! I think I've fainted.

For some reason I couldn't remember/didn't remember/suffered-brain-damage-and-totally-forgot Earl Norem's name. Thank you for reminding me. w00t! 
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Lol, yes that works!
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Classic book cover style from that era.  Well done!
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Thanks Jack, that's what I was going for. :D 
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pure awesomeness
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