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Anya the First
A 8 year old Anastasia Romanov skipped happily down the hallway of the castle to a huge brown wooden door. She slowly approached it, gently fixing her bright yellow dress she was currently wearing, and knocked on the door swaying back and forth impatiently for an answer.
A man with short black hair pulled up in a ponytail and a medium length beard slowly opened the door. Being twice of the tiny princess’s height he didn’t notice her until he heard her sweet innocent voice from below him and looked down.
“Hello Mister Gregory”
The man rolled his eyes slightly. She always said his name wrong it was Grigori not Gregory though he figured it was more than likely her trying to be cute and suck up to him…it surprisingly worked.
“Its Grigori my dear” He said calmly trying to not sound to irritated with the fact that he was currently in the middle of very important (And secret) work. “How can i help you my dearest butterfly” He said smiling
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Goodbye's A second chance
Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin slowly woke up in a room that he did not recognize. He was laying on a bed in what he guessed was a hotel of some sort however he had no idea what had happened or how he had got there. The last thing he had remembered he was fighting that Romanov brat who had destroyed his reliquary.
He sat up suddenly remembering those last few moments. Those blue beautiful eyes under red hair glaring at him with so much resentment as she slowly destroyed his soul before his very eyes, her hurtful last words that she said to him “Do svidanya” and last but not least his body being painfully turned into nothing more than ashes.
So the real question was…..were was he now? Was this hell? No he thought to himself it was to peaceful and calm to be hell. He slowly stood up and walked over to a mirror and jumped back at the sight he was seeing. Instead of seeing what should have been nothing more than a corpse he instead saw a man about the age of 20 with short bl
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Vincent by DeathBuster-Hana Vincent :icondeathbuster-hana:DeathBuster-Hana 0 0 Prince Hans/Geremiah O . o by DeathBuster-Hana Prince Hans/Geremiah O . o :icondeathbuster-hana:DeathBuster-Hana 2 2 Hot Chocolate by DeathBuster-Hana Hot Chocolate :icondeathbuster-hana:DeathBuster-Hana 0 0 JUST GOLD by DeathBuster-Hana JUST GOLD :icondeathbuster-hana:DeathBuster-Hana 0 0 Fus ro ? by DeathBuster-Hana Fus ro ? :icondeathbuster-hana:DeathBuster-Hana 3 0
Real life Fairytale 5
Chapter 5
I sighed and looked up at the sky as a plane exploded. Hmm I thought...I think I just realized who is truly to blame for what happens to Germatoid. After all this time I had always blamed Uranus for his death however until now I had never noticed who was really to blame...Pluto. Pluto had been the one to stop time and allow them entrance and then later she had been the one to tell them to use the talisman.
"Hmm I will take care of the grail professor you deal with the scouts.
I closed my eyes in hope. Would he really say no to his own boss technically?
"What I should get rid of them?" He asked his voice clearly scared a bit. Weird Germatoid scared of something hmm that's a first for him
"Yes don't worry those monsters that you made should be able to help you, Now go Daimon Germatoid."
I gasped. He had actually said no to her and had done what I had told him to do.
"Uh...I mean you know very well Miss 9 that I am against fighting so why send me?"
Germatoid's ag
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Real life Fairytale 4
Chapter 4
"What in the..."
I laughed. It was funny seeing him react the way he was. "Yeah I had a feeling that you would react that way"
"...So that's defiantly going to happen then?"
"Yes, but only if you say yes to Miss 9"
I thought to myself remembering a quote from a movie I had seen recently "Where there is death there will always be death" Was it possible that it applied for here as well since like in that movie I was sent back in time to stop a death from happening. Who would die in his place...and who was I to tamper with the life of someone else?
"Are you alright?"
"...Hmm I was just shown how I am going to die, I am not sure how I am really"
"Sorry about that" I said laughing slightly.
"So you were sent here to save me then?"
"And I can trust what you are saying is true?"
"And what if I do say yes to Miss 9?"
"Say no"
"But how do you know this will happen if I do agree"
"Alright gosh"
I sighed hoping that I finally got him to understand.
He stood up as K
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Real life Fairytale 3
Chapter 3
He pulled away from me in shock. "What the heck?"
I blushed hard. What had gotten into me I would of never of done that to anyone in my hole life..then again though Germatoid wasn't just anyone.
"S...sorry that was dumb wasn't it?" I said giggling trying to hide my embarrassment.
"Hmm you are very strange"
I would take that as a complement, I thought to myself since Germatoid thinks everything that is human is fascinating and him calling me strange was probably like him saying that I interest him.
But enough of this I thought to myself I have other things to deal with at the moment than fascinating over a one eyed flower. (I do don't I?) Of course I do I have to focus on telling the person who I love that he is going to die in I don't even know how many days...well that was a start I guessed. Finding out what day it was and how many days I had left with Germatoid.
"Uh what happened last"
He looked taken back by the question. "What do you mean?"
"I mea
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Espada by DeathBuster-Hana Espada :icondeathbuster-hana:DeathBuster-Hana 4 6 Stein? by DeathBuster-Hana Stein? :icondeathbuster-hana:DeathBuster-Hana 2 6 Oh is it my turn? by DeathBuster-Hana Oh is it my turn? :icondeathbuster-hana:DeathBuster-Hana 1 5
Real life Fairytale 2
Chapter 2
I made a face at the name obviously he noticed this because he looked taken back by it.
"Something wrong?"
"Uh...nothing I just kind of thought i could call you something else" I said smiling into his eyes (Eye?)
"What did you have in mind?" He said smiling back into mine.
I blushed hard and looked down not knowing to say it or not "Uh...Germatoid" I said blushing slightly.
His expression was what I had thought it would be it was shock and perhaps fear? Wow I thought to myself was he scared of me? "I am so sorry" I started to say but he put a hand up to stop me. I fell silent.
He sighed and finally spoke. "How do you know?"
I Blushed hard and looked up at him. Should I tell him the truth wait I thought to myself if i was here and so was he that meant that 124 hadn't happened yet good that made me feel lots better but just how much time did I have to be with him till then and how did I know if I could even stop it from happening all together?
"Know what?" I said smiling trying
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Real life Fairytale
Chapter 1
I woke up in the hospital I had no idea where I was all I knew was that I was in a hospital bed and my arm was in a cast. I blinked and sat up putting on my glasses that were next to the bed clearing my vision that was blurry. My head was spinning and I didn't remember anything from the following night. I remembered only being with my friends laughing and then nothing but darkness. I heard a knock on the door. That was probably the nurse good perhaps they could give me answers. "Come in" I said letting them know that I was awake.
The person who opened the door and came in was the last person I would ever expect to see in my whole life. My eyes got big and I covered my mouth as I gasped our blue eyes meeting from underneath both of our glasses.
"Are you okay?" He asked me obviously noticing my reaction.
"I...Uh.....You" I said not making any sense and not being able to speak at all.
"Huh?" He said noticing my incoherent ramblings.
I blushed hard trying to clear my head and fin
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Who you gonna call? by DeathBuster-Hana Who you gonna call? :icondeathbuster-hana:DeathBuster-Hana 1 5


Odette (Laice ) Liddell by PusheenYumeAme Odette (Laice ) Liddell :iconpusheenyumeame:PusheenYumeAme 3 7 Rose Portait of Christine Daae by PusheenYumeAme Rose Portait of Christine Daae :iconpusheenyumeame:PusheenYumeAme 3 17 Christine Daae by PusheenYumeAme Christine Daae :iconpusheenyumeame:PusheenYumeAme 2 0 Raoul de Chagny by PusheenYumeAme Raoul de Chagny :iconpusheenyumeame:PusheenYumeAme 1 2 Erik The Phantom of The Opera by PusheenYumeAme Erik The Phantom of The Opera :iconpusheenyumeame:PusheenYumeAme 5 0 Sister Location by NEOmi-triX Sister Location :iconneomi-trix:NEOmi-triX 509 14 Get your facts right by KiwiKoli Get your facts right :iconkiwikoli:KiwiKoli 7 5 FNaF Guards by KittyAndTheCreeps FNaF Guards :iconkittyandthecreeps:KittyAndTheCreeps 5 5 William Afton by Sketchpad2 William Afton :iconsketchpad2:Sketchpad2 13 18 Purple guy (William) Icon by enderblaze12 Purple guy (William) Icon :iconenderblaze12:enderblaze12 10 1 Chibi Horned King by lilminette Chibi Horned King :iconlilminette:lilminette 24 6 Disney Descendants: Daughter of the Horned King by Xelku9 Disney Descendants: Daughter of the Horned King :iconxelku9:Xelku9 89 79 Chibi Horned King by YukaiRyujin Chibi Horned King :iconyukairyujin:YukaiRyujin 20 5 SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL - Sailor Outers by JackoWcastillo SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL - Sailor Outers :iconjackowcastillo:JackoWcastillo 387 23

Journal History

Few things going on and things i am currently into Fandom wise guys 
1. :noes: Have not been on here for EVER omg i don't even use DA that much at all anymore guys. SO please if you have a Tumblr follow me at AskGrigoriRasputin where you can Rp, ask me stuff, anything you guys want

2. Finally got to see Alice Through the looking glass :iconyayzplz: and um Spoilers but :noes: ILO!!!!!!! Also Time is an adorable dork 

3. My friend and me watched a Phantom of the Opera Horror version with Robert Englund and :iconblushplz: So hot omg! Which in return lead me to sadly be into Nightmare on Elm so much that i bought a shirt for Halloween ^-^

4. Have been practicing doodling here and there (Things i won't put on here) to get better and its going well i think 

5. Sister Location came out and ENN!!!! :iconawwwplz:

6. :noes: GERMATOID WHERE DID YOU GO FROM MY MIND!? Like really dude he's vanished from my mind completly the last few months 
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