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Giantess Helen parr
Hello everybody if anybody wants to do a rp with Helen parr please note me here are the rules no death
You can any scenario you like she can grow and you can shrink any you want
Have a great day
:icondeathangle13:Deathangle13 4 0
Giantess Helen parr
Hello everybody if anybody wants to do a rp with Helen parr please note me here are the rules no death
And you can have any scenario one she find you on the floor
Two she grows giant
Or three she shrinks you
You can be Helen or your own chacters it’s up to you
Have a great day  
:icondeathangle13:Deathangle13 0 3
Giantess Disney
I am looking for a person to rp giantess with Disney princess if there is anyone you wants to rp please note me here the scenarios
One: you are found in Tarzan tree house
Two you are found in the beast castle
Three you are found her legs mansion
Four you are found Merida castle
Am ok with any fetish but no death
Now here are the princess you can choose from
Jane porter
Merida from brave
Belle form beauty and the beast
Jasmine from Aladdin
Aurora form sleeping beauty
Rapuzel from tangled
Or either Elsa or ana from frozen
If you have another request please note me it
And if anybody another request for a rp please feel free to comment
Thank you and have a nice day
:icondeathangle13:Deathangle13 1 2
Giantess cartoon moms
Hi everbody just to rp with moms from
Cartoon Network
Pick any mom form theses places and let’s Rp
:icondeathangle13:Deathangle13 1 0
The girl of the pearl
Elizabeth Swann had grown big in her belly she had 1234 babies in their and she was only two months but her belly had grown bigger then the black pearl  she was at least 92 feet  tall and all she had to wear was a whwhite sail wrapped around her breasts and a short shirt of a sail she had to walk along side the pearl her huge breasts where like two huge blue whales over fed and her butt was so big if she sat on the pearl her butt would engulf it her  husband will turner talked to her while she walking along the black pearl
Will: hi hun
Elizabeth: hi honey
she said putting her massive belly down as she sat in the water her butt stuck right out while she walked back then put her elbows on the boat trying not to tip it over  then she said
Elizabeth: how are you today Will
Will: great today honey just helping jack he's thinking of docking on a small island just to rest for a while
Elizabeth: good i am getting tired    
Elizabeth put her giant hands on her bell
:icondeathangle13:Deathangle13 1 0
Giantess mom rp
If anybody wants to do a rp about giantess mom only one rule no death
:icondeathangle13:Deathangle13 1 18
If anybody wants to do a monster high giantess rp I would love to do it with you there just one rule no death
:icondeathangle13:Deathangle13 0 4
The big girl of ww1
ww1 the germans were facing the french brits  and Russians and they were losing bombs were going every where and a man was walking right in the middle of a war zone his name was james and he was part of the british army or he was until his entire unit was wiped out he had nowhere to go expect keep walking till he could find head quarters he was quite small man about 5,6 with dark hair his clothes were standard 1916 military uniform he was just walking when he spotted somebody walking up the other side of the road it started out small but slowly it got bigger and bigger thinking that it was a enemy tank he pulled out a 1911 colt from his holder and aimed at what was moving up the road he suddenly he fell to his knees he saw the a figure of a woman but then he fell on his faced exhaustion when he came to he was in a barn he looked around he saw hay but no animals he then sat up and saw a woman she was tall and by tall he meant amazon size she easily 7ft just for sitting down luckily
:icondeathangle13:Deathangle13 1 0
Ww1 big girl
Just a story I have been writing
:icondeathangle13:Deathangle13 3 0
Mature content
the girl of the pearl :icondeathangle13:Deathangle13 1 0


Playtime's Over by Mr-Jolted
Mature content
Playtime's Over :iconmr-jolted:Mr-Jolted 106 1
Goof Troop: Baby Bump in the Night by BigBellyBirdy Goof Troop: Baby Bump in the Night :iconbigbellybirdy:BigBellyBirdy 14 0 SS2Sonic: Knocked Up in Sin by BigBellyBirdy
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May-ternity: Mass Transit
Zanna no longer needed an alarm to wake up for school. Her fetuses all gave her a hard kick right on time every morning. In a way, it was convenient but they didn't know the difference between the weekend and the weekday so sleeping in was all but over for her.
Today was Friday, fitting right in between the two types of days, but Zanna still needed to get up and go to class. The internal kicks shook her out of sleep and she snorted and grimaced at her enormous middle. No mattress could fit her so half of Zanna's bedroom was covered in futon, at least the bottom half. She couldn't spring for a blanket that would fit her entire body so she had to settle for snuggling with a soft sheet that left her pregnant belly totally bare.
Zanna was a big girl. At least, for the past few months she had been. Before the procedure, Zanna was barely one and three-fifth of a meter tall and weighed just above 110 pounds. Now, she was nearly twice as wide as she was tall. Just measuring her belly from top
:iconnotabot999:notabot999 303 18
Mass Transit by SaburoX
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it was morning Will had just woken up from leaning on Elizabeth foot he got up and look at his beautiful wife and thought how lucky he was to have her then look to see were jack was and saw him in Elizabeth breast but was ok with it i mean he was only sleeping in Elizabeth cleavage and Elizabeth must had let him then he looked her enormous belly and saw his kids in belly then he decide to explore the island then something happened Will fell down a hole with his leg trapped under a rock all he saw was a light will anyone find him not mention the tide was coming in
Elizabeth had just woken up too still see's Jack in cleavage she smiled she looked but could't find Will she tried to
wake up Jack
Elizabeth: Jack
Elizabeth shook her breasts trying to wake up Jack
Elizabeth: Jack!!!!
Jack: Elizabeth what is it
Elizabeth: Will's gone missing
Jack: and what me to do about darling
Elizabeth: Jack either you find my husband or you'll never sleep in my cleavage again!!!!!
Jack: okay Elizabeth i'll go can you help me down Elizabeth: sure
Elizabeth then put her hand in her cleavage then picked up
Jack and put him on the floor then Jack started walking calling out for Will
Jack: Will!!!!
Will heard Jack and shouted for him
Will: Jack!!!
Jack: Will is that you were are you
Will: down here Jack!! help the tide coming real fast
Jack: wait here ill go and get Elizabeth she the only one able

but just about Jack left he fell down the same hole Will fell into and Jack leg got stuck under rock
Jack: oh bottle of rum
Elizabeth stared to worry she stared to pat her belly Elizabeth: where daddy and uncle Jack
she tried to get up with with her huge belly finally she got to her feet and stared walking in the direction Will and Jack she had to take 5 steps she crushed trees as she stamped on the ground before she heard Will and Jack cries
Will: Elizabeth!!!!!
Jack: gets us bloody out of here!!!!
Elizabeth: honey? Jack?
Elizabeth couldn't see past her massive belly she had to step back a bit
Elizabeth: honey is that you Jack are you down there
Will: we are help us rocks crushing are legs help us please hun
Elizabeth: i can't reach sitting up i'll try lying down
Will: ok hun but hurry the water coming fast
Elizabeth laid down and turned on her side then she reach her ginormous hand down the hole
Elizabeth: Jack/honey you'll have to guide me Jack: move your hand a little to the right
she moved her hand to Jack told her and knock off the rock of of Will leg she then pick him up and put him on the ground then he guide Elizabeth hand to get the rock of Jack leg she picked him up and put him on the ground then Elizabeth got up and picked a huge boulder and put in the hole where Jack and Will fell in
Elizabeth: you okay guys

Jack: yeah darling
Will: yeah hun how are the kids
Elizabeth: they're fine but don't worry them or me like that again ok
Will: okay honey i won't ever again
Will said hugging Elizabeth massive belly
Elizabeth: okay as your reward you can have my feet all to your self and Jack as your reward is sleeping in my breasts for as long as you want
Will/Jack: really!!!! Elizabeth: yep
Elizabeth then rolled on her back so her belly was facing up to the sky
Elizabeth: go ahead boys ravage me
first Will ran straight to Elizabeth feet as soon as he got there he stared to kiss her feet multiples she stared to moan but for some reason Jack didn't move he stayed where he was standing there not moving
Elizabeth: what wrong Jack i thought you loved to have my body all to yourself
Jack: it doesn't feel right Elizabeth your Will wife it wouldn't feel right you are good friend and wouldn't feel right i am sorry
Elizabeth/Will: Jack wait
Jack turned around and look at both of them
Will: look Jack i know she's my wife but if she wants you to play in her cleavage then i can't say no its her decision
Elizabeth: Jack look you my most trusted friend and not mention you are the godfather of these children i don't care what you do with me i give you permission to do whatever you want me to do and ill do it

Jack: seriously!!!!!
Elizabeth: you say it and ill do it
Jack: okay rub your belly
she starts to rub her belly
Jack: make your toes curl
she stared s to curl her toes
Jack: Elizabeth do you think maybe you could sit up for a minute
Elizabeth: sure Jack
Jack: hey Elizabeth do you think i could use your hair as climbing wall
Elizabeth: sure Little bro climb away
Jack had use'll smile on his face then took a bit of Elizabeth hair and scale up her enormous back it was like a mountain
Elizabeth: right now too get to my tiny husband ask for anything
Will: well would it be ok if i jump on your belly
Elizabeth: sure thing your so tiny they'd be fine go ahead honey
Will gave Elizabeth foot one last kiss before stared to walk up her leg he had grab hold till he got to the top there he found he wife massive belly stared jumping so high and Elizabeth did was smiled until jack said something
Jack: hey Elizabeth if i make it to your shoulder will you give me a reward
Elizabeth: anything you want Jack
it took 5 more mintues before jack reached Elizabeth shoulder Elizabeth: well your here what do you want
Jack: a kiss

Elizabeth didn't even say anything she just picked Jack of her shoulder and gave a huge smooch
Elizabeth: how was that Jack: heaven
Elizabeth began to blush
Will: hey honey don't i get a kiss to i am your husband
then Elizabeth picked up Will and gave a huge smooch
Jack: hey Elizabeth/Will don't you think we should be getting back to the pearl
Elizabeth: Jack is right honey it is getting pretty dark which way you guys want to travel on my shoulder in my breasts or walking by yourself s
Jack: i want travel in your breasts
Elizabeth: ok
Elizabeth then put Jack in her breasts
Elizabeth: well honey what way do you want to travel Will: i think just sit on your belly dear
Elizabeth: okay hun
then Elizabeth stared walking back again it only took 5 steps to get back to the pearl Elizabeth then put Will down
Elizabeth: where do want to sleep hun
Will: on your foot if that okay
Elizabeth: you really love my feet hun okay
Will stared to walk along to Elizabeth foot he then climb up her ankle and lied against the top of her foot
Will: good night hun Elizabeth: good night honey

and they all went to sleep the next morning

this is the second part of my first story girl of the pearl please check that out and I hope you enjoyed the story please comment with you want to see more 


United Kingdom
I love giantess and barefoot and hyper pregnancy and pregnant giantess don’t like well nothing I can do it about


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