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This one is 'Mondschatten' ('Moonshadow'), the pegasus of Nodon, sword master of the Dark One from Bernhard Hennen's 'Drachenelfen' ('Dragon Elven').
I always loved the pegasi and his death was so touching I couldn't resist drawing it at least in plain colours (reading it for the fourth time or so), despite of my (mostly) lacking drawing skills. This one is the version without his rider, telling his goodbyes to him and making it easier for him to leave the world and maybe find happiness and the moonlight.
Farewell, Moonshadow, you were loved! And you really defeated those sneaky winged lions! Two times! You died a hero (as will your rider, hopefully... at least he gets a great reincarnation).

The character belongs to Bernhard Hennen, the art to me. Please do not use without my explicit permission (as if anyone would).
The following pic was used as a reference, copyright belongs to me as well, if you steal it, I'll hunt you down!
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