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Little Bat Cave




Little Brown Bat - Teddy Bear Bat


There had always been darkness. It had no name because it was the world. It had no distinct being. It just was. And all objects were dark naturally.
What was this thing called light?
But then the ground shook, the rocks clashed, falling, crashing, tumbling. Tumbling from where the rocks had fallen, light came into being.
Small eyes and bodies turned to the falling rocks, creatures losing their grip and flying as the world shook around them. And then the eyes squinted and the animals shied away from the piercing brightness that shot from the distant wall of the cave, hitting a few. They cringed and folded their winds to shield themselves. There was only a small hole, barely large enough for a small child, but, for the young who had always existed in the cave, the wound that pierced through their reality was tremendous. Now there was light, and such a thing as darkness was distinguished from the fabric of reality, darkness was seen for the first time as it cowered beneath the power of the light, and so, darkness was named.
The sheltered world within the cave was strikingly different now that values of grey had given the stones more expression. The cave bloomed with detail, textures revealed by the dimmest rays. Though before the creatures had been able to see, sight was redefined, and it recreated the cave for some. But the witnesses of this event did not care for the change, did not care for the striking features of a world that had been revealed to them. They took wing and flew to a new roost, first a growing swarm, confusion, turmoil, that alarmed the young who were unaccustomed to such strong emotions of anxiety, and new to flying. But the young joined the others and they delved deeper into the darkness, where sanction was secured. All went, but while most had shielded their beady eyes, formed for gloom, one had looked with curiosity upon the light and the changed stones that led up to the hole, but this creature was still filled with the nature of a bat, and so it joined the swarm and departed from the changed world to settle in another that was most like the world that had been lost.
But the memory of the light, of the hues of gray, remained in the little beast’s head. He could not resist the desire to return to his birthplace and explore the changes, and to ultimately touch the light that had driven his family from their home.
He soon left his new home and traveled back to what remained of his old world.
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Your beautiful work has been featured here ~[link] Have a great week! :heart: