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The Masked Avenger

Beware, all evil-doers in Equestria! The Masked Avenger is here to save the day! (Or make it worse if you're the one being helped XD)

Based on "The Masked Offender" from Winnie The Pooh.

When you think about it, Tigger & Pinkie Pie act pretty similar, don't you think?
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Her nemesis: any Outlaws.

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I love this, it's a great way to remember the good old days, and it wouldn't surprise me if Pinkie actually appeared in the series with this outfit on. The Masked Offender was one of my favourite Winnie the Pooh episodes when I was a kid.
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Upon retrospect I pretty much predicted the future with this picture (and some others) now that I think about it.

I make this picture, what episode do we get later on? Mysterious Mare-Do-Well.

I make Detective Pinkie Pie, what episode happens? MMMystery on the Friendship Express.

I make Double Rainbow Dash, what episode do we get? Magic Duel, why is that episode relevant to the picture? A scene with double Rainbow Dashes.
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she looks more like a musketeer.
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I suppose Spike or Fluttershy will be her sidekick? :D
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Oh my gosh,
The masked defender
An icon to my childhood
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I remember that episode of Winnie the Pooh. And I loved it. And verily, Pinkie Pie WOULD probably act in a similar manner as the "Masked Avenger" did. Which means Ponyville should PROBABLY be getting pretty worried.
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I don't know if Ponyville should be proud or scared to have a hero like her...
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Well, watch the Winnie the Pooh episode. That should tell you without a shadow of a doubt that they should be scared about this. REALLY scared.
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... man that was long ago... that was disny for us, now it is all hanna montana wizards and things like that... i think my friend bob dylan [link] (not realy my friend just a saying)
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nice picture. i like it.
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Is a bandolero in the town. The ponygers call her at "La Rosita"
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Pinkie: "This looks like a job for "The Masked Avenger"!!!..... But since he's not around, I might as well take care of it."
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Surely one day, the Masked Avenger will save us all.
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Or doom us all...
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It's the battle of the century!

Masked Avenger (Pinkie Pie) Vs. Pinkamena Diane Pie!

Two alter egos in one mind!
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For a few seconds I actually thought she was Zorro, but I guess a sword would be a bit heavy for her.
Tigger is too destructive - Pinkie at least throws parties. But yes, there is a similarity.

About the picture - nicely drawn, but I think she's too serious. In the cartoons, she never keeps a straight face.
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I tried a version with her all happy, but it never came out in a way that I was content with.

That doesn't mean I might not make another in the future, though.
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