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Cuddling Din Djarin x Reader


Cuddling Din Djarin x Reader

"Din?" No response so you carefully approach the chair and just as your about to reach out to nudge him his arm shoots up and he has a firm but not painful grip on your wrist he guides you onto his lap putting your legs on either side of his own so your straddling him. He tilts his head back to look up at you,"You should be asleep." "I know but.." You hesitate so he starts running his gloved fingers down one of your arms he can feel how cold you are even through them."Come on."You get off his lap and follow him down to the cargo area where he set up a bed just for you,he let's you get settled on the bed before he turns the lights out and removes his helmet placing It on a nearby work bench the only other thing he removes Is his boots before getting Into the small bed with you. You cuddle up to him as he drapes an arm over you.You wince a bit as some of his Beskar digs Into your soft skin but you forget about that when you feel his breath on your lips and his nose against yours you
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Female call of duty gamer by Death-Dealer123
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I am an archery geek and power ranger lover and star wars geek. People call me Rach for short. I am from Washington but I live in Oregon. I am friendly, goofy, funny and love chatting with people. I have a tumbler,Skype and Facebook. U will have to ask for my Facebook and Skype.
CelticArcher on PokemonShowdown
weird facts about me:
-Can be color blind at times
-wishes to be a wood elf from the lord of the rings
- Can be cruel at times (not often
- dislikes her middle name
- Rachel means little lamb in Hebrew.
- Agon means to fight in Greek
- uses the Spanish name Claudia
- Middle name is Lynn, which means waterfall
Put all the meanings together and you get little lamb waterfall fight.
- gets bored easily .
- Doesnt live with her real parents

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Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Uderworld Awaking, Any movie by marvel, Lord of The Rings.
Favourite TV Shows
C.S.I NY, castle, torchwood, Alaska State Troopers, Border Wars
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Celtic Woman, Nightwish, Amy Lee, Within Temptation, Leave's Eyes, Linkin Park, AC/DC, Angelzoom, Imagine Dragons,
Favourite Books
Ranger's Apprentice, i mostly read fanfics.
Favourite Writers
again IDK
Favourite Games
endless ocean, deer drive, Minecraft. , Samantha swift games, Pokemon Showdown.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Wii and computer. dose a Kindle Fire Hd, count?
Tools of the Trade
pen and paper. laptop for typing and cam for taking pics. and phone cam for takng pics
Other Interests
Shooting, archery, horseback riding, video chatting on Skype, Camping, Fishing
How hard can it to be to Write a Resident evil AU?! Seriously its ugh. i got some it but now i am unable to come up with more ideas for it. sigh.
Well today at work we got papers saying that we are a needed worker during the covid-19 outbreak. I work for a grocery store and its actually kinda scary being a front line person in a pandemic. I am not even joking, every day i go to work, i risk my...
When you think oh this fandom won't be toxic, then years later you actually meet a VERY TOXIC PERSON IN THE FANDOM. i am in that spot now and I have no idea how to deal with it.

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I like your username ;)

aww shucks, thanks. I am an underworld fan.
thanks. wow ur the only one who tells me happy birthday on here!!