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The Bard's First Rap :icondeath-by-grunge:Death-By-Grunge 3 0
Unicorn Orphanage
"Mommy, why did the mean dragons grab my horn?"
The matron froze in her tracks, the bucket of soap water held by her mouth very nearly spilling over. In hindsight, she should have been prepared for this question; alas, her daily chores had distracted her. She heaved a weary sigh, setting down the bucket and turning towards the blanket-covered foal.
"I don't know, dear." was all she could say. What else was she supposed to say? That in the outside world, their kind was seen as little more than walking treasure chests? That the earring the child had found and almost taken with him to the orphanage was very possibly made of his own deceased parents?
"They were pulling on it really hard." said the child, fidgeting underneath his coverings as he recalled the unpleasant experience. "I think they were trying to rip it out of my head, but don't they know that unicorns die when their horns are broken off?"
"I'm sure they didn't know that." lied the matron as she adjusted his blanket, knowing th
:icondeath-by-grunge:Death-By-Grunge 12 7
Moving In: A Night in the Old House
Since time immemorial, this bed has faithfully supported my sleeping self.
A week, however, is not enough for its frame to change so drastically. Why, then, does this night differ?
Realization draws a sound from my cold-strangled throat.
It's not a sob.
But it will have to do.
:icondeath-by-grunge:Death-By-Grunge 4 1
Moving In
My new apartment makes strange noises,
quite unlike my family's voices.
Alone in bed, my tears won't fall.
They're later drawn by a practical call.
First night, an inflatable bed
is velvet for a wanderer's head.
A stranger not two weeks ago,
avast! this complex smells like home.
:icondeath-by-grunge:Death-By-Grunge 5 7
Mature content
Alternate concepts :icondeath-by-grunge:Death-By-Grunge 3 0
Mature content
Fear of Life :icondeath-by-grunge:Death-By-Grunge 9 5
A Pledge
A Pledge
I have witnessed all of you,
the foolish and the wise;
the beauty and the turbulence
of the world behind your eyes.
I'm not saying that you're perfect
(that'd be boring anyway),
but here I stand before you
hoping you won't walk away.
You are worth every heartbreak,
every rainfall, every fight;
you are worth every moment shared
in darkness as in light.
And I'm not Prince Charming either,
I don't have a noble steed;
but if you'll have this peasant,
he'll go anywhere you lead.
This poem's getting sappy,
and I'm not sure what to do.
but there is one thing that's certain;
I know that I love you.
:icondeath-by-grunge:Death-By-Grunge 7 2
Ode to Nope
Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope,
this ain't fucking happening!
Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope,
I reject this fucking thing!
In this prospect I will not revel,
on every level it's fucked up!
Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope,
this ain't fucking happening!
:icondeath-by-grunge:Death-By-Grunge 14 14
Garden of Rot
Fairest flower grows;
offal of nature and mind;
wizened wisdom shows.
:icondeath-by-grunge:Death-By-Grunge 4 0
No Man's Land
I live next to a minefield.
The sound of explosions permeates my days.
Thoughts, memories, images, feelings
t(a)inted by cacophony, shaken and blurred.
In my youth, I lived in the minefield,
lulled to sleep by explosions.
Blissful ignorance, my only safeguard,
broken when I stepped on a mine.
Thus began my escape;
occasional safezones blown to pieces,
glimpses of oases drowned by dust.
Sometimes, the explosions are close. They scare me, for they remind me of my past dwelling.
I put on my bag and run, only to hear the chirping birds and see the playing children.
I remember that I have no need to run.
In my no man's land, I am safe.
:icondeath-by-grunge:Death-By-Grunge 8 8
Left Behind (Good Riddance)
Old, grimy jacket.
Worn in the dark.
Thought to be permanent skin.
Countless times, discarded.
Countless times, re-emerging.
Wardrobe, dismantled.
A new wardrobe, built.
The grimy coat, absent.
:icondeath-by-grunge:Death-By-Grunge 7 4
The Smithy
White-hot metal on the anvil.
Shapeless. Incomprehensible.
Blow by blow, it is struck to shape.
Sword. Ploughshare. Armour. Toy.
Never the same.
Afraid of the metal and its heat, the blacksmith nonetheless raises his hammer.
For it is only when the metal has found its shape that it can be safely seen.
:icondeath-by-grunge:Death-By-Grunge 6 0
For good
I've heard it said
That we are put upon this earth
For a reason
And that we all have our worth
And we all get
To meet a friend, someone who cares
If we let them
They will make our lives complete
Well, I don't know if I believe that's true
But I know I'm who I am today
Because I met you
Like a mountain frozen solid
Melting under the sun
Like a wasteland in the dead of night
Giving birth to wood
Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I met you
I have been changed for good
It may well be
That someday our roads will part
As time passes
So let me share what I feel I must
So much of me
Is made from what I learned from you
To be honest
You're the only one I trust
And now whatever way our stories will end
I know you have re-written mine
By being my friend...
Like a ship raised to the surface
By a quirk of fate
Like a seed dropped on a bed of stone
Giving birth to wood
Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I met you
I have been changed for good
And j
:icondeath-by-grunge:Death-By-Grunge 5 8
I wake up.
My apartment is empty.
The time is 11:47 AM. I consider staying in bed.
The cellphone on my nightstand catches my eye. His face returns to my mind, and I can no longer lie still. After getting dressed, I put the coffee machine on. While looking for something to eat, my hand reaches for the cellphone from my pocket and starts dialing a familiar number.
I don't remember putting it in my pocket.
The cellphone reaches my ear before I notice what I'm doing. I close it and put it back in my pocket.
I slowly drain the coffee pot. I'm killing time, but I don't know what for. The cellphone feels heavy in my pocket. I don't take it out.
After the last cup, I check the time again. 3:10 PM. His shift has ended.
I take out the cellphone and stare at my own face in the black screen. After a while, it becomes his face.
I close my eyes, turn the cellphone on and dial his number. He picks up almost instantly, not giving me a chance to hang up. I hear my
:icondeath-by-grunge:Death-By-Grunge 8 8
Ubiquitous Imprint
Negligent knight, his kingdom razed
sees fallen comrades in every face
Curious looks are stabs of pain
as guilt makes armour crack in vain
:icondeath-by-grunge:Death-By-Grunge 7 0
God in Love
Creature locked in time;
when you blink, you will be gone
and I will miss you.
:icondeath-by-grunge:Death-By-Grunge 10 2

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