hyenas make the best lovers.

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i need to stop looking
for death in every body
my fingers touch.

i have been force fed
old lovers, & slices
of the moons lying dust
for years-

i am messy poems;
i am fractured confessions.

i am laughter
& teeth.

my jaws ache
with the taste of
wolves blood,
& names.

i am still hungry.

give me your sugar;
I will share my breath.

you are still made of starstuff,
& i am no longer caged.

Baby, she's always been my spirit animal
& she tells me to do wicked things.

( I find this humorous because of reasons. )
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This is art in its own glory, dark, but intricately well thought out, Well done! That of which by I mean very well done! Your, how should i put, creepiness? Goes very well in the mood. Its exactly what Deviant art needs more of in poets, someone they can relate on and have some kind of reference to! I would suggest more subtle poems such as you've made here today and consider it as more than just something to post on this site! I'm sure if you put your heart into it, you'll make even more great works, keep at it my friend!
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Hyena loves dizzzzz
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I find this wonderful because of reasons. :heart:
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I think you are such a beautiful poet
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"i am laughter
& teeth." 

the simple punchy lines... :heart:
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i don't know how a poem can be
so hair-raising and ravishing at once
as this is

magificent magical piece you have here
dearest kayla :clap:
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Thank you girlie! <3
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I think cats in general are the best / most passionate lovers Heart 
Hyenas too, i know what i speak of :D
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I cant understand this because of reasons
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Most wouldn't, but that's ok! :)
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I really love how the last stanza pulls everything together. :heart:
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I find this humorous because reasons too. You can't know how perfect this just was for me
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Good flow n word choice.  Nice.
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The last lines make me feel like a hyena has a vendetta against a wolf and so plans to eat the moon
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Very beautiful and haunting poem, It makes you think. Thumbs up. :)
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Holy jujubees this is awesome
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