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She is dream dust,
too bitter or wise
for her own good.

A timeless dragon's soul
somewhere inside a
scaled shell, burning
the silence in her bones
alive, honeysuckle sweet.

She collects fireflies only to
set them free at 3am,
crying to an uncaring moon.

& she's begging for the stars
to take her away,
make this house a home
rigged in the sky.

To me,
She is already naked fever
swimming through the cosmos

& I orbit her.
I didn't like this piece at first, and then I did.
Now I don't even know any more.


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 somehow emotionally I feel tied to it.
LuLuBellaCalista's avatar
This is wonderful! I love it.. so abstract, yet deep. I love it.
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Wow.. you've painted with such beautiful words.
Don't ever stop writing!
DearPoetry's avatar
I don't plan to ever stop! :)
brokengod--veins's avatar
hi there, awesome person! :hi:

I used your artwork title as a line for my poem! : )

Hope you won't mind! ^^

Have a nice day! :huggle:
DearPoetry's avatar
Oh, this is so cool! :D
brokengod--veins's avatar
Try it! It is unbelievably fun! :D
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It's cool, makes you think hard when your not sure though don't it. I like it. I guess I run into the same problem, sometimes she becomes star dust and she takes you away. Firefly or a car's tail light's the speed of sonic leaving everything behind makes you breath it all in more.
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You got me with "She is dream dust". Lovely poem, somehow, I relate to it :)
DearPoetry's avatar
As her, or the narrator? :)
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I have just discovered your poetry today. I have read three, and I Love them!
I will be looking through more tomorrow. :)
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Well, enjoy your stay and try not to get lost. :)
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So so beautiful I love it <3
BathroomStallStories's avatar
The last line "& I orbit her" was simply the best. :) All together, best work I have read in a long time! Thank you! :)
DearPoetry's avatar
No, thank you for the compliment! :)
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I can picture it quite vividly. I dunno. It might just be because I really like it xD Everything seems to connect. =3 It has awesome imagery though! ^^
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I think its excellent!
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