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DBL06 by Besar13 DBL06 :iconbesar13:Besar13 179 1 Horus 9910 by EyeOfGalyx Horus 9910 :iconeyeofgalyx:EyeOfGalyx 6 1
OPEN: LF Splits! (July)
Hey hey!
On the hunt for this month's splits!
I'll be at work all day, so I probably won't respond until tomorrow morning (unless I actually get a break xD).
These be my beans:


Vignette 5652 by Reos-Empire
And these be my hoard-o-slots:
Pink Lemonade 1200 by Reos-EmpireCheri Quarts 3447 by Reos-EmpireTigerlily 007 by Reos-EmpirePants 002 by Reos-Empire
Mae Raav 230 by Reos-EmpireQueen 5842 by Reos-EmpirePumpkin Spice 3219 by Reos-Empire
Arlyn 157 by Reos-Empire
I'm happy to provide both parents as well!
I have a pairing in mind for this:
Haldor 5467 by Reos-EmpirexPumpkin Spice 3219 by Reos-Empire
Pants 002 by Reos-EmpirexMae Raav 230 by Reos-Empire
PotL is negotiable for most slots unless I'm providing
:icondmwarpg:DMWarpg 2 136
UFT 6m Duve for another Duve/Friese
Nadez 3605 x Nyssa 2847…
(Female - Vayron - Puller - Healthy)
F: Duveteux Coat
T: Bear Ears, Stump Tail, Round Eyes
P: Masked Sable Shadow with Melanism Umbra Blanket and Pangare
G: Sha+nMel/nMb/Ma/Bl/nSb/nPn
Finally got an amazing Duve, but I can't find a nice personality for her.
I'm looking to trade her for about same value Duve or Friese or I could hope for a nice Angora, hah.... Especially a blue-ish (especially on arctic-aquamarine range) or Pear colored male would be neat, but I will look at others, too.
If I can't find a flooffer I could click with, I keep the right for not trading her.
*Reused journal, never mind the older comments*
:iconwaittiz:Waittiz 4 102
Lilah 5808 by Reos-Empire Lilah 5808 :iconreos-empire:Reos-Empire 3 5 Nash 6497 by Reos-Empire Nash 6497 :iconreos-empire:Reos-Empire 7 5
LF:Purity Trails O: Python Slot
My boy finally got uploaded and now I'm in need of a set of purity trails for him ^-^
You will get one month (30 days) to complete all three images or the deal is off. By completing the images you will get 1 full slot to him. 
:iconmariah-0kami:Mariah-0kami 1 6
LF: Light Coated Vays O: USD/ART

Cloud, Coin & Silver
Any traits except for bear ears are welcomed.
I would die for a Friese!!
:iconvesaia:vesaia 1 18
Opal and Glasswork Slots for Sale
Good afternoon everyone! c:
How are you? I'm doing well!
I thought I would do a special sale to kick off the summer, and hopefully help out a few people to get the babe they've always wanted!
In this special sale, I will be selling Opalescent and Glasswork slots at a discounted price, plus in bulk! So more bang for your buck! Though I will only be opening up a certain number of slots, and once they are gone they are gone! 
The bulk sale is 5 slots per sale! c:
5 Slots = $25 | 25 CP
CP is expected to be done in a timely manner ouo/
! Rules of the slots !
- No inbreeding
- No Trading/Selling, Gifting is fine
- Can be used in Splits
- Tag me, and have fun! :heart:

My Opal Boy!
He can breed with Opia 3460 and Conjure 1683 without inbreeding!
:iconmookiethemonster:MookieTheMonster 8 56
Taiyala the Red Dawn 5454 by Reos-Empire Taiyala the Red Dawn 5454 :iconreos-empire:Reos-Empire 13 7 Giedrius 6379 by Reos-Empire Giedrius 6379 :iconreos-empire:Reos-Empire 24 5 Impossible Soul by yuta-draws Impossible Soul :iconyuta-draws:yuta-draws 248 5 lamb to the slaughter by Jaasp lamb to the slaughter :iconjaasp:Jaasp 99 7
LF - Rosettes!!!
Hi guys. I'm looking for any and all rosette vayrons.
Any traits, colors and so forth will be considered.
I'm willing to pay in arts and if it is one with rare traits I might consider USD.
I'm mainly looking for imports though!!
Slots could also work since I have a slot to this gal:

:iconkxtt:Kxtt 2 43
Chantilly Lace 4685 by Reos-Empire Chantilly Lace 4685 :iconreos-empire:Reos-Empire 13 8 Tiana 4770 by Reos-Empire Tiana 4770 :iconreos-empire:Reos-Empire 23 8



Hello, watchers. I just want to say thank you for the support you've given me! Over the past 8 months I have accumulated 13 of you guys and I really appreciate it. 
I've totally been overworking myself, but whenever I have the time, I really want to do something special for all of you! <3



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Commissions Commission information

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you're agreeing to my terms of service.
Payment is accepted via Paypal in USD currency or in points.
Payments will be invoiced, and payment plans can be discussed for payments over $100.
Overly complicated designs and or details may cost extra money.
I will not refund any purchases.
However, if I need to cancel or you have a good reason why you need the money back, you'll be refunded in full.
When commissioning art of your character, a reference must be provided. Please!
I will only draw things you own or have permission to use.
I won't draw nudity, pornography, gore, or bad language.
I have the right to decline commissions that make me uncomfortable, please keep this noted.
I will draw ARPG creatures (Vayrons, Tokotas, Felvargs, Kukuris, and more. Just let me know

Please follow the guidelines provided if you'd like to commission me!
I'll be opening 3 slots for now.
1.@/GomDrop Fullbody pack of
2. @/GomDrop Fullbody pack of
3. @/Toomsy Fullbody pack of
Half Body - $2.00 or 200 Points 
Commission: Sibling Love by Deariley
Butterfly Watchers by Deariley
Headshot Packs - $3.00 or 300 Points 
WoR: Tri's Headshots by Deariley
WoR: Gila's Headshots by Deariley
A single headshot will be $0.50 or 50 Points 
Fullbody Packs - $6.00 or 600 Points 
WoR: Here Kitty Kitty! by Deariley
Seven fullbodies, two of which are activities
Hunting or Questing Packs - $12.00 or 1200 Points 
WoR: Training the Mind by Deariley
WoR: Flower Pickers by Deariley
Hunts or Quests (Singular) - $4.00 or 400 Points 
Ketucari: Fight or Flight by Deariley
Ketucari: Through the Moors by Deariley
WoR: Hop on! by Deariley
ARPG Core Images - $7.00 or 700 Points  each
(A set of 3 images will be $21 or 1700 Points
WoR: A rush of power by Deariley
WoR: Important Message by Deariley
WoR: Overwhelmed by Books by Deariley
Customs/Species Designs - $15-$25


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Happy birthday!! I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to make you anything, but I hope you've had a great day regardless! <3

Deariley Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
No worries, hon!
Thank you do much for just commenting on my profile. I appreciate it. :heart: :)
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No problem! I just hope you had a great day!! <3
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Thank you very much! :3
:heart: :heart:
I love the little Bill you used, ahh!
torpisha Featured By Owner Edited Mar 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome Dear! <3 :3
I love it too <3Bill cipher party hardcore 
Deariley Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
<3 You're so great. Thank you, again.
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AlaskanCat Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
aaa Happy birthday bb O': <3<3
Deariley Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, thanks, babe! I appreciate it. :heart: :)
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