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Dragon Age 2 characters

Bethany, Anders, Merrill, Isabela, Aveline,
Carver, Fenris, Hawke, Varric, Sebastian
:D dragon age feverrrrrrr akdjsfbkawhjlviowlEdfbgdjfhk
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Wow, this is stunning
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If you don't mind me asking, did you purposefully have Hawke with no weapon? Considering you can choose what class you play as.
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That's an incredible work! La love 
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this is so cool,yeah)
An absolutely gorgeous piece. I think you captured the characters spirits incredibly well. Especially Anders and burden/conflict of his power, Merrill's serenity even while channeling the power of blood, Isabella's freedom and playfulness, and Aveline's strength and resolve. I also like how the twins have their backs to us. I imagine it symbolizes their disconnect, both ideological and physical, from us(meaning Hawke as that is how we percive the game.) If I have any problems with it it's Varric. He looks like he is holding Bianca away from him when he usually cradles her/it close to him. It probably would be less off putting if you didn't do such an excellent job with all the others.
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You made even Merrill look Badass
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Hmmm...Odd I would have thought Carver would have had his head firmly planted up his ass. 
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Pfft. that got a good chuckle out of me.
Great work on each of the characters! They're all in battle stance, while Varric's like "Piece of cake."
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This is wow! Very amazing! I just can't stop looking at this epic picture!
Merrill is a bit creepy, but damn... great picture!!!
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what exactly were you expecting for the blood magic using, demon conversing elf? butterflies and flowers?
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this is amazing, love it
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I love all of them, rally like the Anders one!!!
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my favorites were hawke, merrill, isabella and sebastian and anders 

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Lovely and dynamic!
I loved to hate carver.
I don't care what anyone says, the DA2 cast is just as good as the first.
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Yeeeesshhh! I was able to guess who the characters were correctly without looking at your info! :D WIN! Beautiful style by the way! I always have trouble with this particular style, but you did fabulously!
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