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DotW: Belladonna's Fate - Part II

"Everyone up," Magnus spoke firmly. "Let's get this over with."
The sun had barely begun to turn the sky from blackness to powdery blue when the older male decided to rouse his traveling companions. He had not slept a wink that night and instead, stood guard outside their temporary densite as their Vektreni guest, Hellion, had decided to lurk about the area while they were gone. Like hell was he going to let him lie with the females of his group. It was true that Magnus didn't trust him, but the decision that Bella, Keeva, and Aydan had made the day before would not have allowed him to rest. Kill another and steal their heart? It went against everything he had stood for in his life.
His golden eyes watched the three females rise from the warmth of their sleeping spots. At first, he had refused to help for all the reasons that kept him awake that night. But looking upon their faces after they declared their decision to Hellion, he knew none o
:iconquaylak:Quaylak 10 5
[DOTW]Not to barf on each other
Featured: Makenna and Phaeton
Time of the year: Winter
Setting: Quarantine Zone

Everything hurt. Her stomach mostly. The nausea had took control of her body and her abdomen was often shook by spams as her body tried to eliminate what was wrong in it. Make thought there might have been a lot of wrong things since she couldn’t keep down not even her own saliva. Her mouth was dry and the taste she felt inside was foul. Vomit mostly and bile probably.
Was it a small consolation to say that she wasn’t alone? It didn’t make the pain go away but at least Make knew there wasn’t something wrong with just her. Many of her Vektreni brothers and sisters were keeping her company in that secluded spot, away from those few lucky that were spared from this sickness.
Not that they were much company, each of them isolated to deal with their own body rebelling against them.
What had happened? Why
:iconsaskediejagerin:SaskedieJagerin 10 12
A Moment of Mourning || Ori and Levi [Dotw]
The Ironhold reminded the silvery she-wolf much of Highvalley’s landscape, the rugged mountain tops were much more prominent in Highvalley but it gave her a sense of security that she much desired at that current moment of her life. The ocean blue clear eyes that were given to her by the goddess of the sea, gazed around her as her body slowly made its way towards Emerald Gorge. She had spent most of her day at the Seahaven, only the sounds of the rolling waves and seabirds as company. The sounds of the forest and plainlands, the sound of the breeze swishing through the long grass, which was now beginning to be flattened, engulfed by the cold white blanket once again.
Snow was not a good memory for Ori, grief was all it reminded her of. Pain that swallowed her heart, chewed it up and stomped on it for just that extra unnecessary bit of pain. Piercing her heart, allowing pain to seep into her core, starve her of content and happi
:iconvizzixi:Vizzixi 7 3
DotW RP: Bugged Out
Hellion & Zinnia
Vektren's surroundings.

With the perfect amount of grace, Zin rolled down the hillside and tumbled onto her back into the grass. A round of sneezes followed as she scrambled to find her paws, looking just like an overturned beetle. She would have found the comparison quite amusing. Finally finding her legs, the gawky she-wolf shook out her fur and lifted her head, inspecting her surroundings briefly. She was not great with direction; Iscah was always in charge of where they were headed. But thanks to short-term memory Zinnia always managed to get back to her travel partner.
She sneezed again, lifting a paw to rub at her snout. Then she tottered forwards, back beneath the shelter of the woods. It was an old forest, creaky and gnarled, but she liked it. There were certainly plenty of bugs. Her pale golden eyes followed a scuttling insect on the closest tree limb for a moment.
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Hey Don't worry I'm not dead. Too busy with life. Struggling with my emotions and such. So Sorry for no. Well. Anything!


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