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Ood Pumpkin

The Pumpkin I have carved for Halloween 2010.
It's an Ood, one of the creatures from the TV show Doctor Who. I even used a hollowed out potato and some cable to make this. I had fun doing it.
A big thank you to everybody who has faved it and for all the great comments! I really appreciate it loads!!
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rats-xp's avatar
i'd hate to find that in a pumpkin patch, i'd totally freak and quite possibly AWESOME job dude :headbang:
DeanSidwellArt's avatar
Thank you!
Yeah, I suppose it would be a bit of a shock to see that in a pumpkin patch! :)
rats-xp's avatar
you're welcome :D
PaintedPossumsCo's avatar
any instructions on how to do this ?? i might wanna do this next halloween
DeanSidwellArt's avatar
Well, I just use a variety of kitchen knifes and spoons and an old screwdriver, then just carve into it. I used a reference picture of an Ood as a guide for this. I carve deep into the pumpkin sides first which leaves the basic Ood shape in the middle, then slowly start carving the details into it. I also cut a hole in the side used a hollowed out potato and attached an old bit of cable.
I hope that helps a little!
It can take quite some time to do these carvings but they're always fun to do.
Thanks for your interest and I wish you good luck if you try to do one! :)
cuddlesandrage's avatar
Wow! This is amazing!
SexyRouge12's avatar
very nice on your other one as well!!! you have great talent!
DeanSidwellArt's avatar
Thanks very much! :)
SexyRouge12's avatar
How did you do this?? This is great!!!!!!!!! Love the ood<3 I would love to make one of these this year!!!!!!!!! Is there any stencil or instructions??
DeanSidwellArt's avatar
Hi. Thanks, I'm pleased you like it!
I don't use stencils or instructions at all. I Peel the skin off the front of it then I just carve into it. I use various tools, mainly a couple of knifes and different spoons and even the end of a screwdriver.
Here's another one that I did last year, it's a Gremlin Pumpkin - :thumb265995175:
Thanks for asking!
DeanSidwellArt's avatar
Sorry, here's the Gremiln Pumpkin link - [link]
JippyTheHedgefox's avatar
very ood indeed XD
i watched this episode with my dad a couple weeks ago
DeanSidwellArt's avatar
:) Yes, very Ood.
The Ood episodes are always worth watching!
PixiebellRainbow24's avatar
the Ood. love doctor who.
Je-suis-me's avatar
5UNNYR4Y3's avatar
'an odd Ood" ^^ i've gotta link this to my aunt...she loves doctor who
DeanSidwellArt's avatar
Hope she likes it! :)
Olooriel's avatar
That is just awesome!
oogobeeta's avatar
that is amazing... im going to have to start doing that now!!!
DeanSidwellArt's avatar
Thanks! It was fun to do. :)
oogobeeta's avatar
Lol, i would fail miserably if I tried... extra scary!!!
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