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Hey folks,

Just a quick update to say that I do now occasionally stream my screen over on twitch when I’m working (only stuff I have permission to show obviously). I have a long term concept art project running in between other work, as I attempt to design out Ivorton for my personal IP. I’ll be tackling interior and exterior stuff so it could be a neat way to see something like that as it unfolds, from beginning to end.

Leaving Ivorton

I’m not on mic, as it’s not something I’m comfortable with, but I am always in chat if you do want to say hello.

Lurking welcome and no pressure to interact, I’m not streaming for money or fame. I just figured it’s something I’m doing anyway, so why not let people watch if they want to. I couldn’t promise much chat interaction anyway as I do tend to get quite focused.

No schedule yet but I’m aiming for at least once a week. VODs are saved if you can’t make it live and there are a few up there already.

Maybe we’ll play some of my favourite games at some point too but this will mostly be about the art for now.

Hope to see you there!

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