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September 29, 2013
This piece is full of many warm colours and gives you a sense of mystery. great concept Red's Sanctuary by ~TheEchoDragon
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Suggested by uchuubranko
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Red's Sanctuary

Concept work for a personal project.

It didn't quite turn out how I had it in my head but and I'm still unsure about the lighting. But good fun was had and stuff was learned...even if it might not look like it xD

EDIT (29/08/13): It just wasn't capturing the atmosphere I was after and it was bugging me so I've gone back and done some more work on it. I may come back to it again but for now I'm much happier with it.
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Numpang Tidur Doongggggg

Hi. I was wondering if I could use one of your stocks as the background of a YouTube video I am working on. The video will not be monetized.
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To be perfectly clear, none of my artwork is stock imagery. However I'm generally fine for people to use the work in YouTube videos if they wish, even monetised. If a copyright claim comes through for an artwork it won't ever be from me. There is always the chance one may come from a company I did the work for but I always write in the description if it's not personal work. The only real exceptions being I'd rather none my work was associated with content of a highly controversial, extremely violent or pornographic nature as that completely removes it from its original context.
Thank you very much for clearing that up for me. Really appreciate it.
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so.. gorgeous. My head would craft three quest ideas on the first glimpse alone! Very impressive :happybounce:
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cool, resimient of wh40k 
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shit that's amazing *O*
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Beautiful.  That window is so amazing, and the light is really well done. 
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Awesome! I love the warm light and the stained glass in the window. Also the vines and other foliage are brilliant!
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I didn't quite catch it on the first look over but after reading the description and looking over the picture again I must say I love the sun/shadow from the window on the floor. wonderfully done.
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This is amazing! Love the mixture of nature, old stuff, new technology. I love the colours and the composition. I love the detail. I love it all! So much to look at here but it doesn't feel cluttered. Amazing <3
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Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD!   :iconflowerheartplz:
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WOOOOOOW!!!Eyepopping Eyepopping 
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amazing perspective :heart:
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Looks great. You accentuated the right spots of highlight where the light hits hardest because those spots are where my eyes go. Still a good design.
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Very nice image, it has has a very special atmosphere^^

keep going!
Very cool, reminds me of Crysis 2-3 for some reason... probably because of the whole "overgrowth+hi-tech" thing. Come to think of it, Portal 2 matches that description too. Which is awesome)
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