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Leaving Ivorton

Work for my personal IP.

Ivorton is the largest of the settlements in the world setting (of which there are only a few total).

I started by putting some shapes together in Blender to get a layout, then painted over it in photoshop. I actually built the whole city layout in blender as well, so expect more work based around this location in the future.
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STUNNING environment! :)

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...beautiful scene.

Would you be interested in an author purchasing the right to use this image (or a similar one) for a full-wrap dust jacket for a book? (Fantasy: one of the main settings is an ancient elven city, and this resembles my client's descriptions! I am her editor)

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My email is readily available should you wish to discuss matters like this. As this image is for my own IP it goes without saying that I'm not willing to sell rights to it. I am, however, available to hire if you wish to commission a similar image.

all the best.

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this is wonderful... do you plan on making a tutorial?

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There’s something very sad about this environment. It’s like a lively setting that was abandoned. Amazing job conveying the mood of this piece😄
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It looks like there is such a rich story to this image!

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Unbelievable great art

Looks great. The contrast between the green rooftops and the pale walls is very striking.

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welp, there's my pc wallpaper of the month. thank you kindly, sir.

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It's breathtaking, GOD:fire:

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