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Twilight with Friends

It's been practically a year since I last uploaded something....
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I love the Mane Six and Spike! Also, clever work showing Derpy there!

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I see appledash AppledashAppledashAppledashAppledashAppledashAppledashAppledashAppledashAppledashAppledashAppledashAppledashAppledash
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Hello. As other said. I see this picture being printed on bed clothes (sorry if it's not correct term, English not my mother language). In case they are stealing your art, the link to the prodouct is this:…

Returning to the picture... It's a really awesome work you did there. Love specially AJ and Rainbow. And Derpys adition is just priceless. Keep the good work.
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A website called rarity force is putting this image on things they are selling. I wanted to make sure the artist knew about it.
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you like appledash, don't you xD
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Aww :3, Twily looks very cute here!) Wink/Razz 
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Ahhh, the mane six....and then there's Derpy 😂
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That's nice and kinda cute
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Appledash is my OTP!
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They are teasing each other, MUST BE IN LOVE. Right..?
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I love RD s expression^^ Hhaa... kinda naughty xD (the wings gave it away)
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Dashie and AJ, heh.
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f yeah -3-
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Derpy gets love but not Starlight?

I'd also have picked Derpy! :P
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What gorgeous artwork.
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Good old mane 7 :D <3
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