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(Preview 2) Slice Of Life

One last preview for the 40 sec animation. 
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I love how you gave Celestia and Luna's hair a glowy outline. It reminds me of how the gods in Disney's Hercules had those same outlines to show that they were gods.

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Lol is Sunset playing on a switch? =)
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Won 't you keep going because the show 's over?
PacificSide18's avatar
...did this ever come out?
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Unfortunately, last year I decided to not work on it anymore since it took too much of my time. This is the last art piece that I posted for this animation: MLP: City Hall by DeannART
flutterkind's avatar
Damn. I would have loved to see it. Do you think there's a chance you'll publish the scraps of the animation that you had so far?
T-M3RCY's avatar
That's what I'm wondering.
Warriorcatsgeeks's avatar
this is awsome! XD
MCDogWarrior's avatar
I like the expressions a lot XD
EeveelutionLova's avatar
It's funny because it's canon that Sunset is a gamer. :XD: 
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Unfortunately, the full animation is still not complete and is on hold.
spyrofuckingcynder's avatar
Do you have the full animation.  Oo. 
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I really like this anime style you have going on here..
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How we must have the great preview size and which app? Please answer me. I'm not able each time they say this is not displayable even if the preview is enough small.
lightning116's avatar
Maud is Maud.  Luna is bored.  Celestia is sleeping.  Sunset is gaming.  They all look smooth.  Amazingly done.
Krystal3108's avatar
where did Sunset Shimmer get this magical device from?
W1shmaker's avatar
she's playing the switch! XD
EmeraldLily4's avatar
I love how Celestia is asleep and drooling :lol:
vgmaster9's avatar
When this comes out, it will be the first truly frame by frame animation by the fandom.
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Chibi Princess Luna Icon Cele wake up! 
Chibi Princess Celestia Icon uh cake 
Chibi Princess Luna IconNo a wedding sister     
Celestia happy oh  
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