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  • June 12
  • Australia
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My Bio

Hello, my name’s Deanna and welcome to my Deviantart page! ^^

I’m 26 years old, born Australian and am a proud Australian, I graduated high school when I was 18, and graduated from my Graphic Design Studies in 2017 and have completed my studies for my Marketing degree. Am currently working full time in Graphics and Print production for a garment printing and textiles business. My dream job is to character design at Pixar Animation Studios, or become a children’s book story artist. My life has changed ever since I started high school, I have made many friends, and a long distance relationship since the start of 2020. I am a very dedicated and determined person, I strive to do my best, and I try to be active on Deviantart as much as possible, but it can be hard sometimes trying to balance work, finding a house, moving on in life and trying to maintain activity on here.

Family and Pets

My parents had me at a young age, so many will call my parents young for having a 26 year old daughter, and I have a younger sister by six and a half years. In terms of my personality, most will say I act like my mother and sound like her, as for my looks I’m a healthy mix of both my parents. In terms of pets, I have pet fish which I have been looking after since July 2018 until the start of 2020 when my last fish passed away. Our family has 2 cats as well as their own pet fish.

Art Talent

I have been drawing ever since I could walk and talk, in kindergarten, primary school, and high school, you will find that I have drawn many times on the backs of each schoolbook I own. Up until I was about 16, I didn’t think much of my hobby as more than that, just a hobby. However, since I was so good at it, it seemed fitting to pursue it as a career. And since then, my art talent still holds strong and I’m waiting for the day I start implementing my art talent into a real job.

General Info

If you know about the zodiac sign Gemini, that pretty much describes me in total, I can be indecisive, independent, stubborn, impatient, creative, determined, logical and expressive and many other traits. I do have some mental issues regarding my current mental state, I tend to hide my true feelings a lot, I tend to get paranoid very easily, and my anger is not normal to most people. I used to be very shy but over the years I have been getting more confident speaking in public. Some would describe my look as tomboy or 80’s style, since I love to wear clothes that flare out, I really love the colour blue, but hate the colours green and pink.

Video Games

Basically the same with drawing, I’ve been playing video games ever since I could walk and talk. Growing up, my family exposed me mainly to Nintendo games. My first console was the Nintendo 64 and my first game was Super Mario 64. Since then I’ve become a platformer pro and have finished most of the Mario platform games to date. In the more recent years I have been playing online games through Steam, such as Uno, Don’t Starve and Vindictus, and I usually play these games with friends as well.

Favourite Things

If you saw my lunch meals for an entire year, 90% of them will have something to do with noodles. I just love them, had them ever since I was young and I never get sick of them. Spicy food I love, especially when I’m the only one who can tolerate the heat. I’m a sucker for anything chicken flavoured, I am guilty of loving fast food as well, especially frozen drinks too.

Some of my favourite TV shows include Danny Phantom, Miraculous Ladybug, Steven Universe, and My Little Pony. In terms of movies, my favourite movie of all time is Pixar Cars, my room is full of Cars merchandise, I only wish they sold clothes in my size…Other movies I like include Titanic, Twilight, basically any animated movie from Disney Pixar, Illumination, Blue Sky, Sony, and Dreamworks.

With music I tend to like a mix of everything, I don’t just stick to one genre, basically whatever I hear and like I like. But I would have to say my favourite type of music would have to be from the 80’s, as most of my playlist consists of just 80’s songs. I am always updating my playlist because some songs I play at nauseam and then get sick of them over the course of a week or so.

How I got onto Deviantart

Back in mid 2011, I was watching a lot of Cars stuff on YouTube, then stumbled across a person named PinkyPhantom, which lead me to discover not just deviantart but Danny Phantom as well. It was then that I met JackiePhantom13 who told me about deviantart. I made an early account in August but deleted it due to the username being spelt wrong. Then in late November I created this one. My first upload came several months later, you can find it here:…

And since then I have uploaded over 1,500 deviations and am really proud with how much time, care and effort I have put into this site.

Words of Wisdom

If you throw away your old artwork because it doesn't look good, then in the future how are you going to show how much you have progressed over time? You wouldn't be able to draw like you used to because you learned better skills and maybe even had some help from others. Old work is the only thing to show your progression. Nothing else will.

Try to remember what your dreams mean and do expect the unexpected, dreams tend to surprise you in ways you didn't expect, and you wake up the next day feeling like that dream was very significant to you. Dreams aren't there to entertain you in your sleep, they're there to help you, to guide you, and to remind you of what you have and don't have.

Don't let numbers control what you hate and love about your life, don't have that anxiety and self conscious get in the way of doing the things you love, watching cartoons and so on. You love what you love, don't let your age decide that for you.

Everyone has a stronghold, some may be the same some may not be, but just remember that no one else can be you besides you. Show your stronghold to others, if you don't know it, discover it!

You need to make your OC seem real enough for people to like, don't give them a tragic backstory if it's only to make people love them more, make it if it fits with the OC, and avoid cliches such as relations and love interests to main characters, make them have a different significance. If you want them to stand out don't do those things, give them unique traits, surprising traits that people might think the OC wouldn't have. You could interest many people this way.

We draw what we are as well as what we want. The characters we draw (depending on the gender too) almost always show a quality of ours that no one else has. It's what makes a style unique to one individual.

Feeling negative emotion is not a bad thing, you know the saying that feeling negative emotion is a bad thing for our bodies? Some of the things our bodies are capable of harm us and that's a good thing, not having this negative impact on our bodies is not considered normal. Have equal balance of hope and doubt, never more than the other.

Try to find your own style. Tweak a few things here and there, change the perspective, change the style. Being able to replicate a style is amazing on its own, but being able to create your own style can show your full potential as a creative artist.

If you keep doing the same thing (like drawing or writing) you'll eventually be making them much faster than you first started, you'll be saving more time than you did before, because your mind has adapted well to these changes and processes a lot of the stuff already that usually takes very long to do.

Hope you enjoy what you see from me here! ^^

Favourite Movies
BTTF Trilogy, Titanic, Animated Disney movies, Pixar Movies, Animated Dreamworks Movies, Star Wars Trilogies, Teen movies
Favourite TV Shows
DP, MLP FiM, Miraculous Ladybug, I.N.K, Steven Universe, Star VS the Forces of Evil, Fairly Odd Parents, Simpsons, Futurama and many more!!
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Def Leppard, Evanescence, Celine Dion, Nickelback, Savage Garden, Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte, P!nk and much MUCH more!
Favourite Games
Mario Games and Online Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
The Nintendo Switch and Wii U, and my Laptop
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop CC, drawing tablet, pencil, paper, music to listen to and an idea!

Commission T&Cs

Commissions Terms of Service by DeannaPhantom13, journal

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Hey Deanna, did you got my note?

Hello, yes I did, I have been busy, I have sent you a note.

Can we do an art trade?

I guess we can, but I am a bit backed up at the moment with some commissions, care to tell me your idea then I can tell you mine?

Can you draw R?

Roly (Designed in June 2023)

I can, but would you also do a drawing for me? You can draw one of my characters, can choose any 1 of them ;)

Six Amazing Ladies
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